The perfect life

chapter 1

One day you are sitting on the couch eating potato chips. You have been eating all day and a normal person would be full but not you. It's your day off and all you ever do with your free time is eat. You can't help it your such a pig. Your boyfriend comes home to find you sitting there. The t-shirt he bought you a week ago is tight and has rolled up a bit showing some of your ever growing belly. You had started the day with pants but as you ate they got so tight you had to take them off and now you just sit there stuffing your face in your tight underwear. Your turn to look at him your slightly chubby face breaking into a smile. He smiles too "how is my sexy pig"? He drops his briefcase and walks towards you. You keep eating the potato chips, unable to stop yourself really. You notice that living with you has had an influence on your boyfriend. The buttons on his dress shirt look kind of strained around his newly grown beer gut and his sports coat is not buttoned most likely because it could not button if he tried to make it. You smile at him while you chew and stick another greasy hand in the bag and stuff your face with chips. You chew and belch into your boyfriends face and he draws close to your mouth. "I see you are eating well on your day off " he says. He kisses your greasy lips and his hand dip into the chip and stuff more chips in your mouth. "I have some good news Babe" he says. The excitement in his voice is so thorough that you actually stop eating - a pretty rare occurrence. He looks you in the eye and says "I have been made a partner at my firm and my new salary is substantial enough that you will never have to work again, you can just sit on this couch and eat to your hearts content". You instantly start making out with him.

Three month later you are sitting on the same couch in the same clothes eating potato chips. One major thing has changed though. Your weight. You have put on close to 50 pounds in those three months. Your shirt is almost rolled up to your moobs -as big as many a woman's. And your giant ass is nearly ripping the tight underwear. Your once slightly chubby face now has a large double chin. The biggest change is your gut. It's huge and wobbles with every movement. You spend most of your days here on this couch. Eating, sleeping and watching tv. You go to the bedroom to have sex with your husband (you got married a month ago in a far too tight tux), and to the bathroom but other than that you very rarely move. The front door opens and your husband walks in. He is now clearly pudgy, with a cute round face and a soft jiggly body that is still visible in his new loose dress shirt. He looks at you smiles ,goes into the kitchen and brings out a cake and starts feeding it to you. Your average evening has begun, you won't have to move until 11:00 when your husband helps heave you from the sofa and takes you to the bed room. Sex is not very high energy for you anymore anyways. You used to be the top but you have gotten progressively lazier. Now you just lay on your back and he does all the work.

Three years later the couch in the living room has been replaced with a steel reinforced bed. Three years of non-stop gluttony have made you almost unrecognizable. You are so fat you can barely move and spend your entire day just lying there and eating. Your husband (who know is the head of the law firm) has hired a butler who cooks for you all day. You seem to have a fattening effect on people and the butler once thin is now quite fat. The door opens and your husband waddles in. Though compared to you he is incredibly small, he has really porked up. He has his suits custom ordered and eats almost as much as you did when you two first met. He waddles over to you and with a bit of difficulty crawls into bed with you. You two make out but he has to stop every minute or so for you to catch your breath, as you have a hard time breathing now. The butler brings you both your dinner. He feeds you yours and then eats his using your belly as a table.

Ten years later the bed has been expanded to accommodate your husband as well. You are so fat you can move nothing but your mouth. You look like one giant blob of fat. The new butler (the old one got too fat to do his job, and the new one already has a beer gut) feeds you all day long. While the other butler feeds your husband. He is now the size you were 10 years ago having retired he spends his day lying next to you and eating. This is the rest of your life. Lying next to your husband. Not so much human anymore as the living incarnation of fat.
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Feedfig 8 years
Jesus...this is my dream life. I want to be a fat pig just like that. With a porker hubby like his. Hehe.