Feeding her chocolate bars

chapter 1

She was as beautiful as a girl can be without being particularly noticeable in even a very small crowd. Perhaps it was her usually deferential, non-aggressive posture, or her unwillingness to waste time by applying any makeup, or her unrevealing, perhaps boring clothing choices, but Alison looked far less like a model/actress than her body and the striking contrast between her dark red hair and her pale blue eyes might have allowed.

Or perhaps Alison didn't show off her fantastic body because she just didn't want a bunch of guys with half her intelligence drooling over her firm, pointed, perky C cup breasts, her narrow waist with only the slightest potbelly, and most of all, her wide hips and truly exceptional ass, which was both huge for her 5'7" and 135 pounds and unbelievably pert for its size. She had endured a few relationships with boys imperfectly suited to her, but at 23, she knew what she wanted now: a man with intellect and drive to match--preferably to engulf, to dominate, to own--her considerable smarts and fortitude. She was deeply and increasingly submissive, though none of her partners had strayed far enough from vanilla even to spank her gorgeous ass.

Michael had been friends with Alison for years, and though usually dating someone himself, eyed Alison's occasional flings with more than a little jealousy. Her love life wasn't very exciting considering the fact that her curvy body screamed sex, but she still had far too many men in her life for Michael's taste. He wasn't sure whether he loved her, but he knew he found her deeply attractive and that he had never had such fun with anyone. Though Alison had always found Michael to be intelligent and entertaining, she never seriously thought of him sexually until recently, when his swelling confidence and quiet strength began to make her feel strangely shy around him at times, and forced her to think of him constantly when not around him.

Of course, Alison's growing desperation to submit, and to him, made her buckle first. She turned to Michael while leaving one of their routine dinners together. "Michael, I need you so bad." She said it confusedly, awkwardly, pausing over some words while the rest poured out. "Being friends isn't enough for me anymore. Even just dating isn't enough. I need to be all yours."

Michael looked down into her earnest, welling eyes and said softly, "Of course you think that's what you want. Are you sure you want to be all mine, no matter what that comes to mean?"

"Yes, I'm yours." Some of her usual fire returned to her eyes as she had a sudden inspiration. "What should I do to prove it?"

He smirked at her even as he took her hand. "Buy twenty candy bars and two lengths of rope and be at my apartment at 8pm tomorrow. Bring your camera. And don't ask questions. We know each other too well for that."

She looked down and murmured, "I'll miss you, Sir," and the "Sir" earned her a final smile for the night.


She knocked, and the door opened. Michael took the camera from Alison's hand, and said, "Put the candy and rope by that chair, then strip down to your bra and underwear." He watched and idly snapped a few photos as she put down her bag, unbuttoned her dark green blouse, stepped out of her shoes, and wiggled her hips as she tried to pull her black pants past her wide hips and bubble butt.

She wore a black, lightly padded, lacy underwire bra just to stop her nipples from poking through her shirt. Her boobs certainly didn't need any support. Her black, lacy underwear was mostly transparent, but it still covered a disappointing amount of skin. "Cute underwear, you submissive bitch. Not sexy, but cute. And that's actually sexy in a way, because I'm going to turn you into my sexy slut, and I like to be able to see progress. For now, just make sure you never wear a bra again when you come here, and don't wear underwear unless it's a thong." He walked around her, taking photos as he circled. "And I'm taking photos because soon your body will look nothing like it does now. I thought it would be nice to have some mementos."

She was clearly turned on, curious, and a little afraid. She was smart and imaginative enough to guess the reason for the candy. She looked up at him as he continued to inspect her. They made eye contact for a few moments, and she could see his love and tenderness for her. She relaxed. He lovingly brushed her cheek with his fingers, and in the same movement firmly grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees.

Keeping her hair in his hand as she knelt at his feet, he whispered, "From now on, slave, you don't make eye contact with me unless I give you permission."

She didn't acknowledge what he said or how much it turned her on except by unzipping his pants. His big, hard cock sprang out. She opened her mouth just in time as he grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her head toward the base of his cock. He slowly, sensuously fucked her face, pulling her head in and out with both hands, going deeper with every stroke. After a few minutes, she gagged a little while he held her head almost to the base of his cock. "No, cum slut," he gasped, "you're not going to swallow my load. My little piggy needs to swallow some other things first."

He stopped fucking her face and led her by her hair to the chair by the rope and candy. Still with her hair in his hands, he told her to undress completely. Her firm, projecting breasts topped by big, hard nipples popped out of her bra, and she pulled down her panties, revealing her unshaved pussy. He made her sit, and began tying her wrists behind her back to the back of the chair. He said, "You're a smart girl. You know what I'm going to do with those candy bars, and you know what it will do to your thin, perky, tight, toned figure if I do it to you as often as I plan to. And trust me, we're not talking about just a little gain here. I'm going to completely reshape your body and make it mine. If that isn't what you want, this is your last chance to keep the body and life you have now."

She had never been more turned on, and he hadn't even touched her pussy. She was breathing deeply, her perky tits rising and falling with each breath. "Make me yours," she breathed.

He finished tying her wrists, leaving just enough give not to cut off circulation. He cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples, making her gasp. Then he tied her ankles to the chair legs. Being tied up and at his mercy was even more erotic than she had imagined.

He unwrapped the first of the candy bars. She opened her mouth and he fed it in. As she chewed, he said, "Jenny called you 'a bit chubby' last week. What do you think she'll call you in a few weeks? A few months?" She didn't have a chance to reply because as soon as she finished chewing, he forced another Snickers bar into her mouth.

"One more, then I'll let you have a little break from chewing," he promised. "Three Snickers bars is 810 calories, and that's just the beginning. Your ass isn't going to be the only fat part of you for long."

She swallowed, and he put another Snickers bar in her mouth. He continued, "Right now your belly has tiny rolls and they only show when you're sitting down. Your rolls are going to get huge. You won't be able to hide your big belly no matter how you dress, and often you'll feel totally humiliated because of how fat you'll be. I want you to feel that humiliation for me."

She swallowed again, and gasped, "Oh god... I feel totally humiliated now and I love it so much... please play with my pussy now... so wet, Master... I need it so bad..." She was barely intelligible.

He said, "I'm not touching your cunt until your belly is full." He stuffed the first Mars bar into her open, gasping mouth. "Every bite you take makes your body a little more totally and completely mine. I love knowing that I'm ruining your toned body. I love knowing that most guys who used to practically line up for a date with you won't look twice at you once they see the belly and double chin that you're going to grow for me." He stuffed another candy bar in her mouth. She was shaking with lust and humiliation. "And even your tits and ass won't interest too many guys once they get fat and saggy." He grabbed her boob and pulled it down hard. "I can't wait until your tits get huge and start hanging down."

He stuffed a third Mars bar into her mouth just before she finished chewing. "Just imagining the fat, saggy body you're going to have makes me want you so much. Your huge tits are going to rest on your big belly, and your belly is going to hang down and hide your pussy. Your ass is already fat, but it will get fatter. And saggier. Your thighs and upper arms are going to get so thick and flabby. I can't believe that you want to ruin your hourglass figure for me, ***. Cow."

She finished chewing as he grabbed the tit he hadn't yet abused and pulled it hard, leaving bruises to match her other tit. He said, "Okay slut, no break this time. We have to stuff you fast to get as many calories in you as we can. Besides, I can't wait to use your cunt." She started to reply, but he shoved an entire Hershey's bar into her stretched mouth. "Here are calories 1530 through 1740, ***."

She looked obscene, a curvy submissive made for sex and tied to a chair, sweat covering her shaking, naked body, her thighs forced slightly apart by her tied ankles, showing how her dripping pussy was making a puddle on those parts of the chair not covered by her spreading ass, her belly looking increasingly taut and sticking out farther, and chocolate staining her lips and teeth. She finished swallowing, with a little more difficulty this time, and opened her mouth for the next 210 calories. "Good slave," Michael said approvingly as he fed the next Hershey's bar into her mouth. He smiled at her as she chewed, swallowed with difficulty, burped a little, and opened her mouth for more. He obliged by forcing another chocolate ba
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