Turned into a pig

chapter 1

Awakening to the darkness, the ebony haired female glanced around feeling the coldness of the wall behind her, narrowing her jade green eyes to glance around the room. She could only make out various shapes, with no lights she could tell what those shapes were, she was most likely in some type of basement and Serena knew many people tended to store things in basement. Quickly, she tried to recollect the last thing she remember, the last thing she could remember had taken place on Friday at about five pm, at the mall, she had just walked inside the safety of the public place, or so she had thought. Everyday before work, Serena had found herself at the mall being it felt as a place she could find some relaxation and isolation from the world that surrounded her on the typical day. How did she get from the mall to this darkened room? How much time had passed? Serena had usually been strong willed despite her heavy weight; leaning against the wall she had felt the 230 pounds of her flesh jiggle with her, knowing she was quite fat. She never let her weight truly bother her before in the past, being the thought of working around, made her feel lazy, she didn't even mind if she gained more, as she knew you only live once, might as well enjoy the time which you have left.

The annoyance in Serena's green eyes continued to grow, as she struggled to move away from the wall, realizing something was around her chubby wrists and ankles, stopping her from going anywhere. Knowing she was strong and heavy, she continued to try to pull at her weight, stubbornly with such spirit she noticed the chains were made for someone heavy like herself. She started to realize whoever had chained her here somehow knew her, the anticipation she felt inside of her heart continued to grow, hearing her own heart continued to beat. Noticing a hair pin fall to the floor it immediately gave her an idea, twisting her hand slightly, she started to reach for it knowing it may help her to get out of this scary room and find the answers she needed. Seeming like forever, she used the hair pin to get one hand cuff open, quickly she was able to take the following handcuff off, then the cuffs on her feet. Standing up her body felt cramped, slowly she opened the door, noticing the white walls, and the crystal floor, glancing around, she peered into the rooms, seeing the hospital like beds, Was this some type of hospital? But why was she chained?

Seeing someone coming she hid behind the door, hearing a older man who looked old enough to be her father start to speak, slowly, wearing a white jacket like a doctor would. "Go check on our newest addition, she should be waking up, the drugs shouldn't be lasting too much longer." He spoke, Serena glanced around the corner seeing a man slowly move towards the doors she had just ran out from, realizing the man the doctor had been speaking to was going to be looking for her. Quickly running she made it towards what appeared the front door, moving her hand to it, hearing the yell closer to the doctor...."She's escaped!" Serena breathed heavily, moving the doors open quickly, hearing the alarms moving up as she realized a bracelet on her hand was flashing with red colors.

Trying to ignore everything her large body, tried to make it through the secured building, noticing the men starting to chase her, feeling herself starting to slow down panting, feeling the door move from her lips. Serena continued to run, feeling something pushing her down, holding her against the ground, stubbornly she tried to get up, mud moving against the top and sweats she had been wearing, feeling them starting to rip, hearing the footsteps coming closer to her, looking up she saw a dog's teeth growling at her. Seeing the doctor approach, looking at her, shaking his head in frustration, chuckling to him. "Such a fat pig seems you know your place is in the filth," he said moving closer to Serena, cautious, she tried to move back but the men next to the doctor appeared so strong and tall, she had nowhere to go. "As for you two? How did the pig get out?" he quickly asked his attention going to the men, although the doctor was shorter there was something that spoke out for control, Serena couldn't ignore.

Seeing an approaching man, Serena couldn't help her anger glaring at them, feeling the doctor's hand grabbing her by the neck similar to how one could grab a animal, with such free spirited she tried to move free, but feeling the grasp tighten. Noticing the approaching man speak, "Doctor, I found this pin near the cuffs, she probably undid the locks by herself," he spoke, not bothering to look at Serena, handing them to the doctor. "Pretty impressive, I must admit." The man spoke with a dark chuckle, Serena could see the dark look in each glance, and something about it scared her.

The Doctor was able to find the control of the situation first, "Strip her, I don't want something like this happening again, and you can put her clothes in the trash, they won't be needed with her stay here," he spoke calculating the situation. Quickly without thought, Serena stubbornly tried to kick the doctor's leg to make a run for where she saw the gate, knowing it was a stupid move with so many men surrounding her. Seeing the doctor back up, the man who seemed the strongest as well as the tallest grabbed her from behind, holding her still as one would hold onto a porcelain doll. Another quickly removed her shirt, while the third started removing her ripped sweat pants, helplessly she felt the men continue to search her grabbing each hair pin, until she appeared vulnerable, face covered in mud.

One man punched her hard which Serena didn't have time to retaliate from, rubbing against the mud, her large 48d udders lying against her large belly, the mud felt so good against her as she rolled about, seeing the men continue to watch her in fascination. Humiliated her jade eyes glanced up at the doctor in humiliation, "Please let me go," she begged softly, unable to go far, making it onto her knees covered in mud, noticing him shake his head no. "At least tell me where I am." She begged finding the words, hearing the men laughing at her.

"Very well, you are at a hospital, you aren't well and you shall remain here until I see you fit to be in society again, I know that you want to leave but government gives me rights as your doctor to be responsible in your health. After watching you for the two years, I've realized this is the best place for you, as you don't deserve to be treated like a human being. "Spoke the Doctor, his voice was so gentle, yet it was also the voice an adult would use as to an animal, almost mockingly, as if the specific animal was dumb. "You aren't human."

"But I am a human, I am healthy!" Serena started to cry out tears coming to her eyes, even to her own ears, she knew the words sounded like a little child, a bratty child trying to get her way. "I want to be human, please I am!" she cried out stomping her foot, only to feel the tears stream down her chubby fair skinned cheeks 'Please....I wanna hooome...." She tried to grunt and cry out, looking so pathetic with the mud all over her, knowing how she looked, so pathetic, noticing the doctor chuckle, as he patted her gut, the mere gesture made her feel nice and relax.

"Aww poor oinker, poor thing. Just because you want to be human doesn't mean you are, my men have seen how far you've grown, your shows online...showing your fat body to those nice people like a fat for good nothing slut, rubbing the food all over it, masturbating against it. That doesn't sound human, now be a good girl, let my men take you to where you shall stay while you're here and we shall start your training once you calm down," he spoke, nodding his head towards his men once the brunette rubbed her tears away as she slowly nodded her head, slowly following the men inside, feeling the doctor behind her, following them down the halls. "Don't worry the basement, you shall only be in when you misbehave, I think some food will do you some good," spoke the doctor leading her into a room.

Serena caught the smell noticing a large pig like pen, mud surround it, feeling her nipples harden once again as she felt him gesture her inside falling into the mud quickly....feeling her large udders being grabbed quickly before she could do anything. What appeared to be a milking device used on cows attached to her Udders, before she was able to go far, she felt, one man grab her nose another forcing a feeding tube into her mouth, eyes widen she could see it connected to a large container. The 4th man moved his small finger into Serena's tight cunt, she was driving wet, as she felt the vibrations forcing it way through her, realizing the fucking machine was giving her vibrations, as she could hear her own grunts and squeals. Large jade eyes begging up helplessly her need growing unable to stop what was happening, noticing the men smile at one another. "Good Night, if you get any sleep, you will look forward to my friends here showing you how a pig is fucked, rather raped before your piggy classes tomorrow," spoke the doctor with a sadistic tone to his voice. Serena tried to squirm but her need was too strong, the food tasting good but somehow she felt funny, her mind felt almost lost, losing herself to her desires. How could anyone sleep like this? The need was almost unbearable, last thing she saw was the pen locked, the lights turning off before the men walked out of the pig pen, leaving Serena alone to the machines.
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