Ferocious fatties

Chapter 1 - what loss can really do

In the beginning, we just clicked; everything was perfect. We talked, and smiled all the time, this continued for months on end. She made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world.

But only if when I stepped on the scale, the number went up.

To begin with, I hated it. The trips down to the basement; Ripley would tie me up and blindfold me. I'd have to wait to be fed and watered, or even for any bit of sexual attention. But she loved it. She loved the dominance.

And I loved the submission.

When she first wanted to be called 'Master', she didn't ask for it, she demanded.

"Tell Master what a bad Piggy you've been being; how she had to tie you up down here, and feed you like the bad little Pig you are."

Honestly, it began to scare me. I thought she'd become overrun with power. But she knew her limits. Ripley really knew how to pleasure a woman.

I'd become a good 320lb when Ripley took the scale away to build up the suspense on how my weight was going. She had taken it away for three weeks, and I had taken every chance to stuff my face. Sometimes a bit too much where I would throw up. But I knew I had to be bigger. Not just for her.

But, when the time had come, my dedication payed off. I gained a good 15lb. I was so proud, and so was Ripley, she made me my favorite. Mac & Cheese, and waffle fries. I'd done good this time.

But, that weekend, I'd still been sent down to the basement. Ripley still wanted to try new things. Which is okay. Because the more dominant she got, the more pleasure I obtained from our sex life.

She loved how with every chance she got, she would pummel the strap on into me and watch all my fat jiggle around. Mesmerizing, up and down, up and down; this is with every thrust of her pelvis, she got more turned on.

But as the grip became tighter on my wrists, where they'd been tied, I began to moan more and more. I could feel my pussy slowly begin to leak as she removed the strap on, and put her pussy over my mouth.

I remember the enchanting way she moved when I made her cum.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Wow! How did I overlook this wonderful piece.