Gotham city: revelations

Chapter 1 - stuffing the heart

I've always seemed to feel okay here with Lexia. She makes me feel comfortable with my 315.8lb body. She loves everything from my sturdy calves, my jiggly tummy, my hands and mouth; for always being occupied with food. And I always loved her, beyond any extent. Her beautiful eyes, personality, and that lucious tummy I've come to love with all my heart.

I don't understand how romance works. But all I know is it does, and it was a heck of a lot more than I expected.

At first, I was always appalled by my belly. I had always come to the light that it was disgusting, and I had zero appreciation for it. But boy, I was so wrong. To Lexia, this was and is the holy grail. It's almost as if there was a perfect scenario laid out by the heavens. For each of us to find our love, secret or not.

I've come to learn that I love bellies, and even more than that, I love when I get to feed and screw her. It's almost as if, this was truly meant to be. Not only does she make me giggle, and smile, but she knows how to feed well too.

We both think of it as soon as we're together. But at times we're both too shy. Speaking of being shy, the best example of this was our first kiss. We both stood by the bottom door, I was so nervous. I bet the hairs on my leg jumped right off when the thought grimaced my mind. We both knew what was going to happen, we just couldn't do it. Eventually we learned; other plans had already been made.

A neighbors dog had casually made its way into the driveway and stared us down...


"She just wants to see a lesbian kiss."

And that's when Lexia said it. She had spilled out the words that we hadn't dare speak. But she was right, once our lips met, the dog had disappeared into oblivion.

That kiss by the door has only set a standard. That had to be the worst first kiss ever. Mostly on my part. Lexia, she was perfect. She just caressed my rolls without hesitation in just the right spots.

Only shortly after had I realized what was meant by feeding. I didn't care for it honestly to begin with. I always like to imply that I am an independent woman. But after I'd seen her face when she started with the food did I realize. She did it so tenderly, with love and passion. She wasn't being mean. She truly appreciates my belly.

Where she had already come to accept what she likes, I was still exploring, and still am. She's brought me to the dark side. Big bellies, they're indescribable; they catch the light right, and in motion show the most beautiful stretch marks.

I'd come to realize that fat princesses are underrated to a major extent.
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Bbwlover420 7 years
Looks like u found true love💖💖💖💖😍😍😘😘