Football fatty

chapter 1

"Hurry, hurry!" Caleb said.
"I'm going as fast as I can," Siobhan responded.
It was the middle of the night, and Caleb and Siobhan were picking the lock of the team captain of the football team's room. His name was Justin, and him along with most of the team were at a frat party across campus celebrating their recent championship win. Caleb chose not to go. Yes, he was a member of the team, but the coach rarely had him play. He was a bit on the smaller side compared to the rest of his teammates. He was around 240 pounds, which was decently sized, but he knew it wasn't anywhere near the size of Justin. He was practically massive. He was built in all the places he needed to be, but there was an extra coat of fat around his body, keeping his muscles nice and snug. He had the perfect football body, which was why Caleb needed to know his meal and workout plan. If he could train and eat the way Justin did, Caleb believed he would be put on the starting lineup of his college's football team. He asked his friend Siobhan to help him out with this "mini heist", and she agreed. "Anything to mess with Justin, I'm in," she said. And there they were, trying to break into his dorm room to find his plan.
"We're in!" Siobhan said.
"Hell yeah," Caleb said.
The two walked into the room. It was a massive pigsty. Boxes of pizza and McDonalds bagging were tossed all throughout the room. Caleb shared his room with a a few other students: both of which were also part of the football team.
"Wow they really take care of their room nicely, huh," Siobhan laughed.
"For sure," Caleb joked. "Now let's find that damn meal plan. I'll look through his laptop, and you look through any drawers."
Caleb ran over to Justin's desk and pulled the laptop to the center.
"Damnit, what's the password," Caleb said. He thought for a while, and then typed in "bulldogs". He was in. "Of course," Caleb said. Bulldogs were the mascot for the school they attended.
"Goddamnit, all these drawers are just filled with more food scraps. There's literally a slice of pizza in this drawer. Do they not know trash cans exist?" Siobhan said.
After looking through his documents, Caleb said, "I got it!"
"Okay, hurry up and take a picture of it so we can get out of here. I really hate to leave this palace, but I gotta study for tomorrow's history exam."
"Ease up on the sarcasm, and I'll think about it," Caleb said. "There I took the picture. Jesus, it's pretty long."
"That's what she said."
"God, you're predictable."
"Put the laptop beak where you found it, and let's go!"

Siobhan and Caleb went straight to Caleb's dorm. It was nearby -- just down the hall. Caleb's roommates were there as well: Donovan and Arthur.
"Did you get it?" Donovan asked. Don also tried out for the football team but didn't end up making the cut. He was around the same size as Caleb was, but he lacked the necessary skill to have his name be on the roster.
"Hell yeah, I did," Caleb said.
"Thanks to me, of course," Siobhan said.
"The fuck? I'm the one who found it," Caleb said.
"Well, you wouldn't have found it if I hadn't help you break into that fool's dorm."
"Facts," Arthur said. Arthur wasn't the type to compete in any sports. He was scrawny and lacked any definition necessary to be a part of almost any sport at the university they attended.
"Shut up," Caleb said, annoyed,
"Well, let's see what this thing says," Donovan said.
"Alright, alright." Caleb climbed on his bed. "I'll just skim through it, and see the gist of it all." Caleb read through it rather quickly and said, "Holy shit."
"Did you forget how to read?" Siobhan asked. Donovan groaned at her lackluster joke.
"This dude eats more than 8,000 calories a day!"
"What the fuck? That's more than I've eaten all week," Siobhan said.
"How much does this guy weigh again?" Donovan asked.
"Like 350 pounds or something," Caleb responded.
"I'm surprised it's not more," Arthur said. "Like have you guys heard how many calories Michael Phelps eats a day? Over 12,000. The second that guy stops working out, he's gonna turn into a fat ass. Someone like Justin eats 8,000 calories like it's nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if he surpassed 10,000 on a day he's feeling extra hungry."
"Huh, it looks like he's got a guy who helps him stay on track with his meals. I should reach out to him. His name is Tyler Kolodziejzyk."
"Kolo- what?" Arthur said.
"Does it say anything about his work out schedule?" Don asked.
"...No, it doesn't," Caleb said. "Shit."
"Don't worry," Siobhan said. "Arthur and I will figure that out for you."
"Why me?"
"Well, you're failing most of your classes and participate in zero extracurricular activities, and it doesn't seem like you're intending on boosting your grades or being social any time soon. You practically spend the entirety of your day masturbating to porn on your old-ass laptop. I think you've got some time to spare. Not to mention-"
"Shut the fuck up, I get the point" Arthur interrupted.
"We'll let you know his workout schedule by the end of the week," Siobhan said. "Anyway, I gotta run. See you fools later."
As Siobhan was packing her things, Caleb dialed Tyler's number on his phone.
"Hello?" He began. "Is this Tyler Kolodziejzyk?... yes... My name is Caleb Cooper. I heard you make meal plans for people and help them stick with it, is that true?.... Yes I would like one.... Tomorrow afternoon?... Perfect, see you then."
"You going on a lunch date with this guy?" Siobhan asked.
"I thought you were leaving," Caleb groaned.
"Sayonara, suckers," she said as she dramatically left the room.

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