From fit to more than fat

chapter 1

Jane was one of the best players of her school's volleyball team. She was certain that she would find a place in a college's team the next year. She always watched what she ate to stay in shape and it showed. At 120 pounds, she had a very slim, but toned body. Not only was her body amazing, but she also had a beautiful face. She could get with almost any guy in her school, but unfortunately, she was not interested in any of them.

Well, that was the case until she met William. He was new in town and happened to be in the same math class as she was. He was the most handsome guy she had ever seen. However, it seemed like he did not really care about her like the other guys did. Therefore, she decided to make a move if he would not make any. After two classes, she decided she had waited long enough and decided to sit next to him.

"Hey! You're new here, right? I am Jane." She said

"Hi. I'm William and yes, I just arrived in town a few weeks ago."

He told her how he had moved because his father had been promoted to CEO of a big food company. They got along so well that, after class, they decided to go eat somewhere.

"So I saw there is a McDonald close by. Besides, it's on the way to my house." He said.

"Yeah it's on mine too, but I don't think I should, I need to stay in shape for the volleyball season." She replied.

"Well, I don't think going there once will change anything about that."

Jane agreed, telling herself she would work out harder in the evening to burn the calories. When they arrived, she took a salad while William took 2 Big Macs with fries and a big coke. Jane finished her salad very quickly while William had only eaten his first Big Mac and a few fries.

"I don't know why I ordered so much food. I can't finish it. You can have it if you want." He said, pushing his tray towards her.

"I'm not sure if I should" She replied, looking enviously at the food.

"Oh come on! I know you want it. Besides, I hate girls who prevent themselves from eating." Replied William, smiling.

Jane always ate well. This meal could not have that much of an impact on her shape after all. She decided to let go and ate all the remaining food even faster than she had eaten her salad. The last time she had eaten fast food was so long ago that she simply could not control herself. It all tasted so good compared to her regular salads. While she ate, William was looking at her, smiling from ear to ear.

When she finished, they decided to get home together.

"We should do this again sometime. You really looked like you enjoyed it." He said.

"Yeah, well it seemed like you were loving it too. You were smiling the whole time I was eating. If I didn't know any better, I would think you wanted to fatten me up." She replied playfully.

"Yeah... Well, I like girls who can eat."

William changed the subject and they continued walking for a few more minutes until they finally arrived at William's house. Jane could not believe her eyes. It was huge! However, it was not so weird after all since his father was the CEO of a big company. They hugged and William got in.

When Jane arrived home, there wasn't anyone. She realized she was still hungry. She went to the kitchen and started eating like never before. That night, unlike normally, she did not care about the number of calories she was eating. She just wanted to let go. She ate everything in sight. At some point, her pants were so tight she decided to take them off so that she could continue eating.

After two hours of intense stuffing, she looked at her bloated stomach. It was round and hard because of all the food she had eaten. However, instead of feeling ashamed like she would have thought, she felt intensely aroused. For the first time in her life, she imagined being fat. She imagined her boobs and her ass getting bigger. She imagined having a fat soft belly. She imagined her thighs rubbing against each other with each step. She moved her hand between her legs and realized her panties were soaking wet. She masturbated, feeling more aroused than ever before. The orgasm was the best she had ever had.

"I think I should do that again sometime." She thought, rubbing her stomach.
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Katkatkatkatkat 6 years
Supercode 6 years
Great story! Please continue!
Jazzman 6 years
I like it even more after chapter 4
QuebecFA 6 years
I am really enjoying the story so far! I can't wait for Chapter 4! :-)
Huge Lover 6 years
Thank you all for the feedback. Don't worry, I will be adding some more chapters soon!
Karenjenk 6 years
I hope you keep adding to this. I enjoyed it... and especially how he kind of tricked her into growing at first. Conflict makes things interesting... could you make her want to lose but him... not force..... but encourage her to lose weight or sabotage
Berserker1 6 years
One of the more promising stories around here in a while. Very nice pace, well writing and sexy with all the teasing.
Great job, cant wait for more!
Jazzman 6 years
Nice easy to read story.A bit unrealistic but that's your prerogative.I like it.