Giving in to lust

Chapter 1 - the fateful beginning

*The Love Machine is on a heart shaped bed at the Smackdown Hotel*

TLM: Hello to all the lovely bbws and jealous FAs of Fantasy Feeder. Its your friend The Love Machine. Have I got a story to warm your heart and make your panties wet.

*TLM pulls out a scrapbook from under a pillow*

TLM: Living with step siblings can be hard. It gets even harder when a deep seeded attraction becins to bubble, fester and eventually explode like your dick in a hot woman. I call this soliloquy of sex...GIVING IN TO LUST!

Hi, I'm Jared. Here's my excuse for what happened:

My girlfriend and I had broken up two months prior to that night. I was glad it ended because she was a nut job, but the year-long relationship had been very satisfactory in the physical intimacy department. We'd routinely do fun, spontaneous stuff: hand jobs under the table at IHoP, dry humping against a wall at prom, eating her out from behind as discretely as possible in my living room shortly after my dad went to bed. She was 5 foot 7 and about 190 pounds, kind of chubby and completely sexy.

So when we broke up, despite being relieved to be getting away from crazy, I was tortured with a lingering hunger for a larger woman's body... and all those experiences I found intoxicating. With no outlet aside from my hand, that hunger had only increased over the weeks. I could have been a total man-whore since I was very good looking and was blessed with a naturally muscular build. A lot of girls in schoolfawned over me. I had some female friends but they were all on the smaller side. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but none of them made my heart race as much as nut job did. Sure, you can get the equivalent sights and sounds from porn, but you sure can't get the tastes, the smells, the touch, the heat, the thrillingly unpredictable chemical interactions that occur between you and a partner. That fateful night, there's only one way to describe how I was feeling...


That's the state of mind I was in when my step-sister Mandy, two years older than me and freshly home from college for the summer, wandered into my room while brushing her teeth. Unfortunately my mother passed away when I was 3 years old and my father had had one bad relationship after another since then. Then he met Sheila two years ago when I was a sophomore in high school, a very nice woman who took care of me as much as she took care of dad. She had a daughter from a previous marriage named Mandy who was a senior in high school. She was 5 foot 2 and chubby, about 180 pounds. Her father cheated on Sheila and left five years earlier so it was a chance meeting of true romance...come to think of it, it was a chance meeting of true romance for us all. I always found her chubbiness attractive but she was my step sister, older than I was and she was graduating high school when Sheila and my dad finally married. Then she began to put on weight. My junior year of high school I began going out with nut job and she had an old on again, off again boyfriend I used to call Clownweasel because he had a funny red afro and had a large pointy nose. I couldn't make fun of him too much because if he was banging Mandy, at least he had good taste. Fortunately for me, apparently he didn't like how chubby Mandy was getting. While I was busy with not job, Mandy was up to 210 pounds when she came home from college last summer. This summer, she was up to 230 and was filling out in all the right places. She had long flowing blonde hair, vivacious green eyes, cute chubby cheeks with freckles and a kissable double chin. Her double D breasts were large and spilling down onto her glorious potbelly. Her nice thick thighs and gorgeously wide ass beckoned to me and it was harder for me not to throw a compliment her way the bigger she got.

So imagine the look on my face that fateful night when Mandy entered my room and proceeded to bend her glorious ass over my computer desk to get a closer look at some old Facebook photos of me and "nut job". Tonight, those double D-cups were perking up an old thin t-shirt that her belly was spilling out of, and those nice wi hips were stretching the elastic of a pair of thin white pajama bottoms.

We were close enough that I knew that she hadn't quite capitalized on this newly developed hotness yet. She'd lost her virginity to a high school boyfriend her freshman year, and more recently, she'd broken up with Clownweasel. When I asked for the reason, she'd confided that he'd refused to engage physically with her for his own reasons. Yes, "engage physically" were her words. Sex wasn't something openly discussed in our house although I knew clear as day because of the way he looked at her with disgust when she bent over or when her belly was sticking out.

So anyway, I was kneeling on the floor by my desk, busily discarding my senior schoolwork from the past year, and here was this perfectly wide mouth-watering butt on display about two feet from my face. With a glance I noticed that the pajama bottoms were thin enough to make out what appeared to be lacy cheeky panties underneath. Not only that, but she was standing so close that I could smell the laundry detergent on her pajamas. Blood surged to my groin. In my fragile, horned up state, I was about to lose my mind.

"Oh my god you are so better off without her, Jared...she was a complete psycho and never appreciated how much you found her attactive" she mumbled through a mouthful of toothpaste as she reached out with her purple painted toes to playfully nudge me in the ribs.

The kick gave me an excuse to turn towards her ass. It also gave me an excuse to retaliate, but the way I chose to retaliate was preceded by zero rational thought.

Impulsively, animalistically, I lunged over and pressed my nose up into the cleft of her ass. In the fraction of a fraction of a second that my face was engulfed in her soft cheeks before she reflexively tensed and reared upward, I swear I could feel my nose going deep in her ass-crack as I sniffed it deeply.

Meanwhile, above, toothpaste sprayed all over my laptop monitor. "What in the HELL, Jared!!??"

Immediately realizing the absurdity of what I'd just done and not knowing what else to do, I just started acting like I thought it was funny, and rolled onto the floor laughing.

"Was that your nose??!?"

I nodded as I continued to fake laughing, my face now fully flushed.

"You are SO weird!! Oh my god. What is wrong with you??"

Oh fuck on a stick, she was really offended. Of course she was! What WAS wrong with me??

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It was just a joke! You kicked me!" I was flailing now for an explanation that didn't involve admitting an urge to smell my step-sister's fat booty

"A joke?! Real hilarious, Jared. Comedian of the Year over here. Noses girls butts, what an act!"

"Plus you have a nice big butt, Mandy, what can I say?" I said in a way that I hoped would come off just jokey enough for her to let it pass.

"Oh thanks!" she said sarcastically. "So your first instinct when you see a nice big butt is to smell it??"

"Yeah, I LOVE the smell of girls' big butts!" I responded, putting on my best annoying gross little brother act.

She rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed and disgusted, and stomped out of my room and back to the bathroom.

When she was done she passed by my bedroom on the way to hers, pausing at my open door long enough for me to look up, to which she shook her head judgmentally as if to say "I can't believe you did that".

But what she said instead was her usual, semi-affectionate, "g'night, dork."

Elated that I had seemed to get away with it with minimal repercussions, I called, teasingly, "g'night, big booty!"
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Lpark435 4 years
Have to admit, not my normal reading I do, but this certainly has a awesome read, thanks for sharing. You need to do a after story or just a quick chapter of them down the road, years from now, her absolutely fat and pushing the 400lbs!!