Gold dust woman

chapter 1

Pants unbuttoned, pale belly exposed to the dim glow of the refrigerator light, he gorged himself on the cream cakes she had left in there, each bite causing his t-shirt to ride up a little further than the last. He had lost all control. Again. Tonight of all nights. The very night after his proclamations to her of 'dropping the weight', 'giving up on this stupid fetish', of 'packing it all in'. He was so confident this time, but her face had read otherwise.

He looked hungrily at the remaining cakes. The forbidden fruit was always the sweetest. He squirmed as he bit hard on his lower lip. He knew the 'right thing' to do, but yearned not to do it.

'One last hurrah', he reassured himself, as he succumbed to temptation once again. 'For old times sake,' he concluded, as he picked up another cake and took a bite. But in truth, he had been saying that the last fifty pounds or more. And he was getting big. He could feel it now, fatter than ever, the numbers on the scale just kept on climbing.

It had to stop. He looked at the remaining cake in his hand. 'This had to stop.' The nightly binging, the constant snacking, the overindulgence of every whim. A 'little fun' had soon become habit, and it had blown up his waist and weight out of all control. He was losing the fight, much to her delight. But yet all he wanted was more. Just that 'few more' pounds. Just that 'little bit' bigger. Just that 'little bit' more. And always that 'one last treat'.

He looked at the cake once more. 'Thirty minutes on a treadmill or this?' he knew which he preferred. He wanted to eat them all. And safe in the knowledge she slept soundly upstairs, he knew he would. Slowly but surely, he let his hand venture into his pants, and let his soft strokes feed the urge. He shoved the rest of the cake in his mouth and let another three hundred calories effortlessly bite the dust. He patted his belly for good measure, as if he knew exactly where those calories would set.

He licked at his fingers and rubbed the big growing orb of fat that jutted out before him, where he used to have a waist. He reached down below his belly and gave it a good shake. God, it felt good. Another fifty pounds on him would feel even better. Fifty yet, better still. He just couldn't stop now, now that he had begun. Propelled by that thought, he grabbed another cream cake and shoved it down whole. And chewed and stroked. Chewed and stroked. It almost became too much to bear. He slowed his rhythm and began to regain his cool.

Steading himself, he caught glimpse of his faint silhouette upon the wall. He had rounded out so much, there was no doubt about it. He looked around him, there were empty cream cake boxes piled up high along the counter-tops. 'Had he really eaten them all?' he wondered. 'I've been such a pig,' a strange sense of pride crept over him as he dreamed about the pounds to come. Tonight's indulgences would undoubtedly help pack out his waist even further and he knew he would have to wake early to make good on the scene of this crime. But deep down, he knew he would eat the replacements too. And perhaps an extra box or half dozen for his troubles on the way home. But tonight, only two cream cake boxes now remained.

'Did he even want to lose weight?' he questioned, as he massaged his gut, and looked across at those two boxes. It's as if they taunted him, and right there and then, all he wanted was more. He could taste their sweetness on his lips.

'Eat,' his mind implored, 'Go on, .. indulge yourself.'

'Pack on those pounds.'

'Just,' his soft strokes began to quicken, 'Just let yourself go.'

He just about held his cool as his thoughts echoed as words upon his lips. In that moment, he just knew he just had to get bigger, fatter, heavier. Anything but this. He wanted more now, and more than he could bear. As he soloed near the summit once more, he felt his eyes begin to unseat. Rolling his head back, he felt his hand wander ingulgenly towards a further fattening treat. And just before the very moment of his release came, he heard that deafening flick of th light switch, and suddenly, the kitchen was bathed in bright light.

"Damn!", he cursed internally, as his body froze, like a rabbit in the headlights. 'Did he have to be caught now, like this, with one hand in his pants, and the other shoving a cream cake in his mouth, as if he were some uncontrollably greedy hog?' Suddenly, the penny dropped.
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