Shock therapy

chapter 1

‘Good afternoon Mr Jones,’ said Miss Wright, offering her hand, and glancing down at Mr Jones’s now rather evident pot belly as the pair shook. ‘I can see you’ve acted upon my advice since we last spoke.’

‘Sure have,’ said Mr Jones, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a straining white t-shirt beneath before sitting down comfortably in one of Miss Wright’s office couches. ‘Call me Andy, please,’ said Mr Jones, before leaning forward to pluck a complimentary candy from the bowl on the office coffee table before him.

‘Very well Andy,’ said Miss Wright. ‘You may call me Clarissa too, in that case.’

‘That’s a pretty name,’ Andy remarked, leaning forward to pluck another candy.

Clarissa ignored Andy's little idle attempt at flirtation. It was rarely a good idea to engage with clients that way. As she sat back down behind her desk, Clarissa re-opened Andy’s file, and perused the contents once more.

‘Now when did we meet last?’ Clarissa asked, flicking through her papers. ‘Ah yes, that’s it,’ she proceeded to answer her own question. ‘I see it’s a been little over twelve months.’

Clarrisa looked up at Andy and compared him against the emaciated waif of a man in the photo on her file.

‘My-my Mr Jones - I mean Andy,’ Clarissa hurriedly corrected herself. ‘You really have put on some weight since we last met.’

‘Thanks.’ Andy patted his belly proudly with a stupid grin on his face, before leaning forward to grab another candy. ‘It’s been a fun twelve months as you can imagine.’ He unwrapped the candy and popped it in his mouth.

‘Quite,’ Clarissa remarked, rather dryly, before trying her best not to giggle at the clear evidence presented before her that Andy was now failing to contain himself around any treats.

‘Do you mind?’ Andy asked, deciding it was better for to pick up the candy bowl and place it on his belly, rather than lean forward every time.

‘No Andy,’ said Clarissa. ‘Please go right ahead. It was rude of me to keep you over lunch.’

‘Didn’t miss them.’ Andy rubbed his belly and stifled a belch. ‘In fact, I’ve rarely missed a meal since we last spoke.’

Clarissa chuckled. ‘I guess not.’

‘Them?’ Clarissa pried a little further, having realising what Andy had just said. ‘Did you say them?’

'It’s a new thing.' Andy popped another candy in his mouth. ‘I’ve been having up to two lunches a day these past few months.’ He shifted forward uncomfortably and loosened the top button of his pants. ‘Which probably explains why another pair’s getting so damned tight.’

‘Another?’ Clarissa asked, now greedy for all the details. ‘I guess you must have outgrown a few sizes since we last spoke?’

‘Four,’ Andy looked pleased with himself. ‘To be exact.’ He then proceeded to unwrap and line a row of candies on the arm of the couch beside him and pop them into his mouth one-by-one. ‘The last two sizes came and went since the second-lunches started up,’ he added, through a very full mouth.

‘That figures.’ Clarissa peered back over her glasses at Andy, then jotted down a brief note in her file. Beside it, she drew a little pig snout and a heart. 'I have to say that yours is quite an interesting case,’ she said, looking back up.

‘And how do you feel …,’ Clarissa then followed, but paused a while to better formulate her question. ‘About all these rather obvious changes?’ She rolled her hand in the air as gestured to get Andy to elaborate.

‘I feel great,’ Andy replied, working his way through another row of candies all delicately placed out on the arm of the couch again.

‘So you’re still enjoying the process of putting on weight?’ Clarissa clarified.

‘Wouldn’t you?’ Andy chewed on his haul. ‘I get to eat what I want - whenever I want … And some days.’ Andy paused to pop an extra candy in his mouth. ‘I just can’t seem to stop.’
Clarissa shifted a little uncomfortably in her chair at hearing that. He was clearly becoming a pig. And an uncontrollable one at that.

‘I don’t think I would enjoy it Andy, no,’ Clarissa remarked aloud. ‘Not with my wardrobe at least!’

‘Ha!’ Andy exclaimed, trying his best not to stare at Clarissa’s figure hugging blouse. ‘I guess that could be an issue.’

‘So how do you feel about yourself? I mean, given the changes?’ Clarissa pushed a little further to help get Andy to open up more.

‘I feel great.’

‘And you’re still getting your urges to grow?’

‘More than ever.’

Andy had almost emptied the candy bowl by now.

‘In fact,’ Andy continued, chewing on the last candy. ‘They’re getting worse than ever these days. I just want to grow and grow.’

Clarissa crossed her legs and cleared her throat. ‘Along with your belly,’ she thought, a little guiltily to herself.

She was trying her hardest not to blush by now. The odds of stumbling across a client like this with the same fetish as hers were infinitesimally small, but life often played the unanticipated hand. And as his therapist, it still remained Clarissa’s steadfast professional opinion that Andy gained a little weight - if only to explore the urges that were appearing to be holding him back in so many other ways. Perhaps it was a form of shock therapy, if you will, had it worked, Clarissa figured. But she reasoned Andy might gain about ten to fifteen pounds as a start - but not this. She clearly had unleashed an inner pig - and quite a dangerous one judging by the size of Andy’s gut. Clarissa suddenly began to question her motives. Had she let her fetish cloud her own judgments, and her professional advice, like Andy’s had clearly clouded his, and particularly when it came to the way he ate?

‘Do you mind if I ask how many pounds?’ Clarissa asked, trying her best to snap out of that train of thought. She then scribbled down the sum expectantly next to Andy’s previous weight. She eyed him up and down an guessed fifty pounds.

‘I think I have another bag of those,’ Clarissa added, noticing that Andy’s hand was now plunging into an empty bowl. ‘And we might have a few donuts left in the waiting room if you had to light on your lunches.’

‘You don’t.’ Andy picked guiltily at a crumb from his straining t-shirt. ‘Have any donuts left. Free food equals free pounds.’ Andy rubbed at his belly contentedly.

‘Ha,’ Clarissa winked at Andy. ‘Don’t worry, we usually keep a box or two back just for staff. And they’re rarely eaten in full given everyone on diets here these days.’

‘That sounds like a plan,’ Andy said, with a sly grin. ‘If you go get them for me of course.’
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Would love to see more of this!
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This was interesting, I’ll look forward to a continuation