Good girl

Chapter 1 - good girl

Restraints, submission, gluttony. He made those my addiction. He took a closeted hesitation and coaxed me into my knees before him.

Tonight's dinner was a cheese stuffed ravioli in white sauce. I know he added extra heavy cream to the white sauce. Bite after glorious bite had passed through my lips. At first we both eat on our own, enjoying the conversation. Knowing what was coming. I squirmed with anticipation. Our meal was garnished with the fact that my feet were already cuffed to the chair legs. And we both know soon my hands would be too. As soon as I say the magic words he knows what to do next. What he has to do. I tell him "I'm full" signifying that I am open to attack.
"Not yet you aren't babygirl. My fatty isnt full till you eat at least double those calories. " After a bowl and a half of pasta. Not to mention the side salad, bread sticks, and appetizer of mozzarella sticks, I looked at him with uncertainty and fear. But I wanted this. As badly as he did. As he came around the table to tie my hands, I felt my panties begin to get wet. I futilely tried to grind my cunt on the chair but my need dint relent at all. He noticed and chuckled condescendingly.
" awwww, is my babygirl needy? Well too fuckin bad hun. Open up."
He took my fork and brought a bite to my mouth. While I chewed he rubbed my belly. First the top where it felt tight. Then another bite. Then he'd ease around the sides, careful to not put too much pressure or heat in one area for too long. This cycle of feeding and rubbing continued till I finished my second bowl. But we both knew he wouldn't be satisfied with just that.
While he prepared a weight gain shake with about 2500 calories, he spoke to me, in part to motivate me, but also to demonstrate his will over me. To show why he was in charge. That sweet gentle dominance that I yearned for with all of my loins.

"Not sure if you noticed or not babygirl but you've gotten pretty fat. What are you wearing, sweat pants? Didnt we buy you Jean's last week?"
He pauses for me to answer
" they're too tight sir"
" Already, geeze you really cant help yourself. Such a greedy slut."
By now he's placed a funnel in my mouth.
"But it's not like you have any other purpose in life other than to get fat for my pleasure babygirl."
He knew calling me babygirl made me squirm. He knew I needed to submit to him.
" you're my property. From your boobs to your fat ass you are all mine."
As the shake makes it's way down the funnel, he flips on a vibrator and places it close enough for me to grind on.
"Remember when we met, now look at you. You've really let yourself go. What has it been, 70 to 80 pounds or so right? You think you're fat enough yet?"
Through the funnel in my mouth I try to give him the answer he wants to hear."Uh uh"
"That's right you greedy slut. I'm gonna make you get so much fatter. You're gonna have stretchmarks over every square fuckin inch of your body. Because it belongs to me." He grabs my bloated belly for emphasis. "You wouldn't be this fat if it wasnt for me. Youd better be grateful. You get to make me happy. You get to please me and be a good girl. Isnt that what you want babygirl?"
I'm stuffed beyond belief but I so desperately want to be a good girl. I want to be fatter. We both know how much we need this. I try as hard as I can to finish the shake and please him. Only knowing that I am doing what he wants, earning the sweet words I crave, can make me feel this way.
" such a good girl. You finished all of your food. Now let's untie you and I'll make everything feel better."

He unties me and leads me to the bed where he strokes and gropes all of me. I'm sat up on a pillow so gravity helps me. I wish he had more hands so I can feel even more. My hands dont know if I should cradle my aching belly or touch him. His own big soft, sexy belly. I ache to feel him inside me. I ache from all I've done to earn it. And the pleasure is beyond divine. As his Member thrusts into me, his hands keep a good hold of where I'm softest. I never want this moment to stop.
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Nok 4 years
Fucking love this. There really needs to be a separate genre for 1-2 page complete stories like this. Carnal and beautiful and perfectly imperfect and incredibly fucking naughty.