Growing love

chapter 1

It's a calm morning, the sun comes inside of the room shyly between on the curtains, you open your eyes and finds that its 7 am, it's Saturday a perfect day to relax. You turn around and where a tiny little body used to rest, now a bigger fuller body of your love takes its place covering more space in bed thank it used to. You admire how your love sleeps heavily next to you, that fattened and plump body is your master piece, is because of you that your love's body had expanded, you were the one who put in there those 5, 10, 15, 20, and more... those 50 pounds added to that sticky little frame making your love blossom into a sexy plump body are your contribution to beauty. You keep watching how that heavy belly goes up and down with each breathing, how those chubby cheeks with still a bit of cream from last night mumbles in a happy dream, you can't help but have fantasies with your big love. Suddenly, those cute eyes you love so much opens they stare at you with the same warmth and love of every day. Your love smiles and you smile back and before you could ask "would you like some breakfast?" A soft chubby finger stops your lips, you look at your love surprised and as if your love could read your mind the words "I'm ready for the next 50" comes out softly and with a naughty and sexy face, but also at the same time with an honest expression of love and desire. You are shocked, what you had been dreaming: to grow your love even more, is now a reality, your love brings you back with a passionate and lovely kiss and instantly you run to the kitchen, those glorious pounds won't pile on by themselves. It's time for breakfast, a big breakfast, because what else could be happiness than Keep your love full and growing? And you tell to yourself while the butter melts in the pan "don't worry my love, I will make sure you grow so big and fat that no one will deny that there's nothing more beautiful, sexy and soft than you". It's a nice Saturday, a wonderful you can tell, because now you know that your love will keep growing, there's no going back, from now on the way only points to a fattening journey where sooner or later that once small frame will become so soft and heavy that the happiness in your hearts only will be compared with the size of your huge fat love.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
As I told you before, I love your writing.

Ever want to roleplay?