Your true self

chapter 1

While you read this you start getting relaxed, with each word you read you relax a little bit more, With each word you focus more on me, your worries fades, everything stops being Important, only my words matter. With each word you read you get more and more inside of a trance and more focused on me. You relax and let yourself go, now the only thing you care about is this, the only thing that is important are my words, now im your boss, your master, what i say is the true. Who is your master?

You are my master, you answer.

Good, you will keep getting deeper in the trance, now theres no scape, you are mine.

You start feeling a slightly thing in your stomach, is hunger, you are hungry, your hunger grows, it keeps growing. Every second that passes your hunger becomes more uncontrollable, now its a need, you need to eat, you need to calm this hunger, you get desperate to fill that emptiness, you need to eat till your belly is full.

You go and grab the first thing you find and munch while you keep following my words, the first bite gives you a wave of pleasure, the second bite its even more pleasant, each bite feels better than the one before, but you are still ravenous so you get more food.

You nibble and a huge ecstasy crushes you, you fall in love with food, it is your love, your reason to live, your god. You start eating faster, you need more of this pleasure, you need more of this ecstasy. The only thing you can think on now its eat.
You keep eating and enjoying so much when you feel a little pressure on your belly, you are enjoying so much the food that you didn't realise you are already full and the hunger is gone, but the pleasure is so big that you feel fantastic and want more, you keep eating no matter the fullness, in fact you like it, you eat more and more, your belly gets bloated and distended, but you keep eating and enjoying. My orders are to eat till you cant breath and enjoy each bite.

You nod.

I want you to enjoy all your heart while you eat.

You nod again while you eat.

You eat till past your limits and you are happy, but uncomfortable so you unbutton your pants and roll up your shirt exposing your big round gut. Look what you've done, look at that fat beachball, aren't you ashamed of the way you've been eating, off course no, you love it, it turns you on, look at that belly it makes you feel sexy, aroused, hot. That roundness its amazingly sexy, you like it, you want to stay like this.

You touch your belly, you start rubbing it to release that pressure and the feeling its like being in heaven, that heavy fullness on your body is the paradise, you poke it and shake it, you fall in love with your full body as you just did with the food, both things together means the paradise for you, your paradise its eating and get so full and round that you feels sexy and in ecstasy. Deep inside you want to grow like this, be this big all the time, you want to make your belly get bigger.

You see yourself grow in front of your eyes, you see how your bloated tummy expands, how it grows in front of you, how it gets heavier, softer, rounder, fatter, sexier, how it pushes making you spread your legs to give it space. You see your thighs getting thicker, fatter jigglier, you feel how your ass grows and expands, how your arms puffs, how your once slender hands becomes fat and instead of fingers you have chubby sausages. You see how all your body plumps up and feels so good. You see how your body gets fatter second by second and the fatter you get the sexier and the better you feel. You want to become like this, this is the real you that wants to come outside, let it go and take the control.

Now, when you come back to the reality you will try, you will work hard to become this big, this fat. You will get falter and fatter till you become the sexiest and fattest version of yourself, till you become your true self.

From now you will live to eat, yom are an eating machine a piggy, you are my growing cutie and I am your master. My orders are to grow and become your true self, I am telling you to grow, grow bigger for me, grow greedier, rounder, heavier, hungrier, jigglier, sexier, grow my piglet grow fat for me.

Whit the word pizza you will come back from your trance and when you do it, even if you are full you will have an uncontrollable craving, from now you mindset changes and you only want to eat and enjoy, let yourself go, when I tell you the word you will come back, order and eat a whole PIZZA
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Littleextra 6 years
Beautifully written, bravo! smiley
Built4com4t 6 years
Love it...that was fun. Keep writing!