Happy now?

chapter 1

August 12 -lisa's diary

Dear diary

Today is my 19th birthday. It was fun and all, but I got the stranges gift from my Aunt. An old cookbook call 'Glutton's entertainment'. I haven't read it yet, but it is such a weird name. Oh well, going to check it out on my day off. It's spark my curiosity.

August 15th Lisa

So I've started read my new cook book. I think it's one of those prank books. It even starts with welcome intro of 'thank you for choosing to become a gluttony witch'. How silly. Some of the recipes seem simple enough, even have fun phrases to say while you cook. I cannot wait to cook for my roommate Sasha. I'm going to start with wet peach.

August 17th Lisa

Wow. So I made my first dish from the book, wet peach, and gave it to Sasha. I made a handful and only planning on sharing one, but then the insanity happen. Once Sasha took the first bite, it felt like as her lips passed over the peach, I could feel them on my clit. It was incredible. And as she licked and sucked the peach, it all transferred to my hungry clit. It felt so good, I let her eat all of them. Then she went to work none the wiser. Once she left though, I had to play with myself. I was too horny not too. I'm going to need to do that again soon. Or maybe a different recipe.

August 17th Sasha

So little mouse Lisa decided to make me her test subject for her cooking experiments. She gave me this peach thing. I have to admit, for a stick, she makes amazing desert. I cannot believe I ate so many though. It was kind of a turn on though, watching her skury around to keep my plate full. Though I'm kinda craving some more. I bet I could get her to make me some more. I'm kinda drooling here, thinking about them. I hope their not fattening.

August 18 - Lisa.

So I don't think it will be a problem to get Sasha to try more of these recipes. She already wants more peaches, which I gladly made. I even packed them for her to take with her to lunch. And I'm happy to know that she at them. So is my pussy. What a fun masturbation night. This weekend I am stocking up on supplies for many more recipes.

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Nicolas Eric 6 years
any chance of a sequel being so coluse to Halloween
Nightfox28 7 years
Loving this story. When are we getting more?
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
Very intersting cant wait for more.
Nightfox28 7 years
Cant wait for the next chapter. Once the story is conplete, i'll go bavk and reread thr whole thing
Hellofang2000 7 years
Yes. RL swamped me, but I have returned. Just a couple more chapters and this small tale will be complete. Then will need ideas for another in this world.
Nicolas Eric 7 years
still alive?
Hellofang2000 7 years
Glad you like it. New chapter up. Almost there smiley. Then maybe a spin off story or two. Who's everyone's favourite character(s) and why?
2steppinfa 7 years
Awesome! So glad to hear that!
Hellofang2000 7 years
Not quite over. Still about 2 -3 chapters. Sorry if last comment is misleading.
2steppinfa 7 years
Is this really then end? Shouldn't there be an epilogue or something?
Hellofang2000 7 years
End of the story, doesn't mean end of series.
HeavyWeaponsPie 7 years
I'd love it if the gluttony and lust started to leak out into the city around them, all those unhealthy desires..

Great chapter !
Hellofang2000 7 years
I'm glad you enjoy this. Hopefully I can do some more stories after this people will enjoy.

New chapter coming in a minute.
Yindy 7 years
This is amazing! Like the mind control elements in this
Nightfox28 7 years
Kinda wanna see lisa grow a bit as she descends further
HeavyWeaponsPie 7 years
I'm really loving how dark this is getting. I want more people to have the same fate as Sasha. Keep it up. smiley
Hellofang2000 7 years
Thank you for all the comments. It helps energize me to write more.
Feedher3000 7 years
I really love it!! Keep going.
Panevo1948 7 years
i love it not long enough i love the dark side of it were she's feeding sasha unhealthily and id like to see her push her poor body past its limits just my 2cents
Panevo1948 7 years
i love it not long enough i love the dark side of it were she's feeding sasha unhealthily and id like to see her push her poor body past its limits just my 2cents
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