Hello there

chapter 1

(something different and short. Let me know what you think. Imagine your the guest)

Hi there. Who am i? I'm master's newest project piggy. I used to be super smart, reserve, polite and so very slim. But oink oink, not anymore. Now I'm a f***in crude horny porker. Hope you like, because I'm really starting to. Oops, were you expecting a smart answer. Hope not, I've gave up studies for stuffings. Oink oink *giggle and snort*.

So why are you here? Master invited you, oh, then I guess I should stop gorging. *pout*. You don't mind a fatty like me gorging? Good, let me unzip my pants and get this shirt off. Bra? *laughs* I'm not allowed those anymore. Master's wishes and all.

How fat does master want me? Really? You don't know? Well... *pant* I never get to stop growing. Not until the lazy heart gives out. That makes me want to touch myself. You don't mind I hope. I can barely reach anymore, but want to play with my fat c*** more then ever. God master's made me such a horny *snort* hog. Did I mention how much I use to hate the idea of this *moan*. Sorry I'm getting too horny not to fondle myself a little *wink*.

*snort* I remember when I was barely a B cup, perky, firm and all to small for Master. Now my udders are almost beyond DDs, saggier then my jumbo ass and still too tiny for Master *sigh*. Master's not worried though. They seem to be growing just like my ass. What do you think? Leaking? Oh of course, I'm starting lactate good thanks to Masters treatment.

Would you like a good suckle? Yes, it's ok, Master want my milk shared *grin*. That's it *little moan* oh someone's getting thirsty aren't we. Oh that's better. What's that? Cannot understand with your mouthful. I think I know though. You're worried that you cannot stop *smile*. I know, see that why I started you. You see master has changed me in so many ways. This milk will enslave men to me, and set women on the path to becoming like me. That is Fat, Stupid and very horny hogs. Don't worry, you will learn to love it, I did.
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Hellofang2000 8 years
That sounds like an excellent idea, should people here be interested.
Nok 8 years
Love it! Instantly and intensely hot. Good prose and use of description, and love the POV. I hope this is an intro to how she got there (in the same POV). What a naughty fat piggy...