Hermione's big day

Chapter 1

At last the bell rang after yet another miserable Potions lesson with Professor Snape. The Professor had taken 10 more points from Griffendor because Shamus’s Prickly Palm potion mealy made Palm tree furry rather than growing inch long barbs from its trunk. Hermione, Ron and Harry were only too happy to leave the dark, dank dungeon in favor for the brisk and bright grounds. It had been weeks since they had seen Hagrid and they were excited to see how big his pumpkins had grown in preparation for the Halloween Feast.

“Last year they were as big as my Dad’s flying car!” Said Ron Excitedly “Not that I should be bringing that up Professor Sprout might be nearby.”

He was referring to the Muggle car, that Ron’s father had bewitched to fly that Ron and Harry had stolen so that they could get to Hogwarts and crashed into the Wamping Willow a magical tree covering one of the secret passages off the campus that was the pride and joy of Professor Sprout. All this because Dobby the house elf had sealed the magical passageway to platform at 9 and 3/4.

“Well, I heard he was feeding them with a special fertilizer that will turn them different colors during the feast.” Replied Harry.

“You know I don’t really care so much about the size of the pumpkins decorating the hall, I just hope he remembered to plant some baking pumpkins for the kitchen, and want them to stay orange. I don’t want my pumpkin pie turning blue while I am eating it!” Remarked Hermione with an extremely worried look on her face that made both Ron and Harry laugh.

Ron reached up and knocked on the old, weathered door of Hagrid’s hut. Fang immediately erupted in a round of excited barks.

“Oy! Quiet you poor excuse of a guard dog. I know someone is here, they bloody knocked didn they.” Bellowed Hagrid’s voice and the door opened. “Ron! Harry! Hermione! You’ve come to visit. Come in, can I get you a cup-a?”

“That would be lovely” Said Hermione despite Ron and Harry who both looked very concerned at the prospect of tea with their half giant friend.

“Ahhh, wonderful I’ve just made a new receipt for lemon biscuits. Aven’t tasted ‘em myself yet but I’m sure they’re good” Beamed Hagrid.

“Oh we arn’t very hungry, Hagrid” Said Harry quickly

“Noncess. You sit yourself down and make yourself comfortable” commanded Hagrid as he brought over an enormous tea pot and four equally large tankards. “You three will like these, I got the recipe from the Quibbler, you know that paper that that Lovegoods prints.”

“Well if it came from the Quibbler” said Ron sarcastically rolling his eyes and taking a bite “hey, wait a minuet, these... are... delicious... Hagrid” It had become difficult for him to speak with so much of the biscuit in his mouth

“Yah, wow” mumbled Harry spraying crumbs everywhere.

Hermione didn’t say anything as she was too busy shoving the rest of her cookie into her mouth. Each biscuit was about the size of a salad plate and about an inch thick and tasted like sweet lemon tea formed into a moist doughy circle.

“Yer too kind” sniffled Hagrid apparently overcome by the praise his biscuits were receiving “no one has ever said they like my cooking before. Usually people just try to sneak it under the table ta Fang. Try it with the tea. That’s how the article said to serve em.”

The three of them each took a deep drink of their tea and were floored by how much it opened up the flavor of the biscuits. They had drained their small buckets in no time. Ron and Harry leaning back in their chairs satisfied with the wonderful tea and biscuits they had just inhaled. Hermione continued to work on her second biscuit after refilling her cup.

“Hey Hagrid, think we could get a peak at your pumpkin patch?” Asked Harry

“Yah we would love to see it” Chimed in Ron

“Alright, I don't suppose there is any harm in takin a look. Are you sure you want to ruin the surprise at the feast?” Said Hagrid raising his bushy eyebrows.

“Oh we will still have a good time at the feast even if we already have seen the decorations.” Assured Harry

“But I just refilled my tea.” Complained Hermione.

“Why don't you stay and keep Fang company, and I’ve got another batch of biscuits baking you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on them would you?” Replied Hagrid

“No, of course not” said Hermione feeling the bag of mint frogs in her robes pocket.

Hagrid, Ron and Harry all headed out the back door.

Hermione looked down at Fang.

"Well I suppose you won't tell anyone if you see me fill my little piggy belly will you Fang?" cooed Hermione "These really are fantastic biscuits, Merlin's beard I could eat the whole lot"

And with that she took another enormous bite, followed by a gulp of tea. She was starting to feel full, more full than the amount she had eaten would have made her think. The tea was being soaked up by the biscuits and was expanding in her tummy. Her skirt had started to ride up her bloated stomach.

It was quite a pleasant feeling thought Hermione." Like eating but without the chewing."

There was a ding of a baking timer and she remembered the other batch Hagrid was cooking and went to check on them. When she opened the oven she was taken aback by how big it was inside.

"It must be bewitched." she thought "but oh my look at all the baking trays in here! There are 6 of them. This is enough to feed a whole class. I suppose, Hagrid is a large man and he must eat quite alot."

She carefully pulled the trays one by one out of the oven and one by one took the biscuits off the trays and lay them out around the cabin to cool. On her way back to her chair there was a wrap at the window.

"Hermione!" it was Hagrid "Hermione, I've just been called out on official Hogwarts business. I've got to go this minuet and have already sent the boys to the castle but I've asked Dumbledor if you could stay here and keep an eye on my hut and Fang. You wouldn't mind would ya?" finished Hagrid almost out of breath.
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