Hot in college (?)

Chapter 1 - how it started

She was fit back in Year 9/10, my teenage crush at one point.

Sporty, athletic, barely had anything to her (and could probably quite easily dominate me if she wanted).

Alright, so she turned me down. Teenage crushes never really work out. Then she found a decent guy a couple of years old in Year 11. Let's just say there were fast developments.

A big difference between compulsory education and college is that mandatory weekly P.E. lesson. That opportunity for all the sporty lads to pick on the chubby boys in the changing rooms, taking every chance to squeeze their early-developing moobs.

Then college hits and that "make it on your own" theme kicks in - essentially the chance for everyone to go into college for lessons, lazing around and 2 or more lunch breaks. Average weight gain is around 5lbs.

But some special ones, particularly noticeable on the girls, tend to gain more like 15-30lbs, maybe more!

This one particular girl took the chance to spare being sporty and waded, later waddled, between the cafeteria and the breakout space.

Within just the first three months, she had clearly expanded. Being on a course away from the main college meant she would come back a little bigger each time.

Christmas celebrations came around, and she arrived, wondering in late with a troop of girls following behind. She had quite a waddle going, barely able to shift one leg in front of the other, resulting in quite a slow manoeuvre and a grunt-like exhale in each step. This show wasn't helped by her choice of larger clothes against stretched tights clenched onto her much wider ass cheeks. Larger, padded clothes, namely a bright white body warmer, a size that may have been a little big just a couple of months okay, the buttons now strained.

Beyond shifting her colossal wider frame across the room, she placed her bag, full of snacks and empty packets, down with a thud and another grunt from her.

"Ooh, I am sweaty" she exclaims, rubbing a podgy arm against her forehead. She then climbs up onto the table with her bag. It let's out a creak below her, as she has to shift one ass cheek onto the desk at a time.

She leans back against the wall, allowing her body warmer to rise and show a very chunky belly peep out. She really has started to become a pig, hasn't she?!
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