Porky & helpless

Chapter 1 - such a growing slob.

You got so porky.
So chunky and round, with moobs hanging more like breasts.
So much fat hanging down, growing with the more cheeseburgers you fill yourself on.
You're a happy fatty, becoming a happy pig.
You'll wake up one day with a trough full of fattening liquid food, processed and blended for you to easily lap up while you stand on all fours as a bare bottomed pig.
Youll have your master come round to spank you when you don't eat enough, then measure how much of a collasal fatso you've become.
You are such a fat hog, and it shows so much against your toned mates - you take up twice the space as them!
You went climbing, probably in an effort to shed some of those 60lbs+ you've put on! Instead you were sweating and worn out by half a meter up. And you had to have 3 people belaying you to hold you tight. The belt was an XXL and still barely tightened around your lardy arse.
Soon you'll resort to wearing stretchy joggers to save cash on a weekly change of wardrobe - you're waist is already at 40 so Jacamo for you!
You'll wear large clothes to try and hide the weight - I think a nice pink shiny puffer jacket would look good on your massive fatty frame! Oh, and what else is pink?
If I cared about how many chins before the obesity starts to take over, I would lock all those snacks away. But nope, instead you're demanding I give you bras. FOR YOUR MOOBS! 34C already! We even got you measured. How embarrassing!
We got your waist measured there too - your ass has another 14 inches of lard added on (too much cake boy!) and your waist an extra 10 inches.
There's no turning back now. You've not even thought about the gym or any proper physical exertion. You've proved it just brings out huge smelly sweats and you have to haul yourself in the shower. The cubical shower. You don't fit in it so have to keep the door open to move around.

Talk about being a lard arse.. You've got a new massive car to cruise in - not much moving around for you then, just more sitting in the Maccies drive thru three times a day.
You've got a real waddle from all those fries and McFlurrys.

Just you wait till you spend everyday failing to fasten your overly tight jeans, begging to know why. The days you spend covering up your erection after your humiliated for your true lardy *** figure. The days your belly rests against the table, steering wheel or burger van. The days you spend trying to see over your belly to see the scales continue to go up and you still question if they work properly. That day your dick gets covered more and more by the expanding fat pad, till its just a tiny lil winky attached to such a big piggish boy. The day you buy sports kit that doesnt even fit and is far from it as well, your bulging belly and ass crack on display to everyone in the gym. The day where the relentless weather is too hot it makes a pig sweat and blush well into the night. The day you find yourself laying in bed at 2 in the afternoon trying to find the energy to get up, but your muscles are just so buried under all the blubber, your nothing more than a helpless ball of blubber.

That'll teach such a fat pig
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