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chapter 1

"I don't want to get fat." She whispered quietly.
"Of course not." He whispered back as he put a fork full of cheesecake into her waiting mouth. Her body shuddered with pleasure and she moaned quietly.
Under the light of the television, Eric surveyed his wife, Tracy's body, laid back into the crook of his arm. Clad in bikini panties and a stretchy camisol. Her belly was bulging from tonight's overindulgence but he wanted to push her a tiny bit farther. So he scooped up another bite of cheesecake on the fork and brought it to her trembling lips.
"I won't let you get too fat." He soothed as she took the bite, closeing her eyes and moaning softly as she did so.

Tracy and Eric were newlyweds. He was tall, muscular, dark hair, dark eyes. She was average height, blond, curly hair and a voluptuous body.
Tracy had never been fat but she was no model. She had a curvy, hourglass figure which had always had an easy time picking up weight. The resultant obsession Tracy had with her diet was something Eric found tedious but he loved her anyway and he'd always had a feeling that the combination of her body type, metabolism and obsession with food, she was going to positively blow up one day. And he found that possibility to be quite thrilling, though he supported her dieting efforts and exercised with her when she wanted to.
But last Thanksgiving, something happened. They had gone to both of their parents houses for thanksgiving. Tracy's mother had insisted she eat past her comfort level. At his parents house, she tried too hard to be polite and ended up taking her pants off in the car and moaning and groaning about how she was going to explode while cradling her rock hard belly which was swollen out and looking pregnant. Eric was struggling to keep his eyes on the road. He couldn't wait to get her home and make her more comfortable.
That was his first chance to show her what he really wanted to do to her. He brought her to bed and stripped her down naked. He tucked her in and brought her an antacid and put a box of cookies by the bed because he knew she'd be hungry later. Then he laid down beside her and, despite her self-concious protestations, he gave her a deep, slow belly rub. He made love to her whole body, bringing her comfort and even pleasure as he enjoyed every inch of her stuffed and swollen body. And before he was done, she was actually writhing in pleasure and anticipating his love.
He slipped a cookie in her mouth and she groaned. He slipped his manhood into her and she nearly shrieked with ecstasy.
This was how he had always wanted to make love to her.
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Badhansel 8 years
Nice story - love the themes and your writing. It would be great to see where you might take this.
One little bit of advice to take it to the next level of perfection - stick with either third or first person narrative.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
You do such a good job of illustrating the emotions, the motives and the ambiguous feelings of people in these situations.


I will enjoy reading your next section and your next story.
Fatlilboy 8 years
Love it.....the shhhhhhhh.....I know better - you need to get fatter - always GREAT!
Jazzman 8 years
Keep going this is promising!