chapter 1

Stretching out in bed with a box of powdered doughnuts and a glass of chocolate milk, Alexis smiled and snuggled down to watch tv for the night.
Feeling sexy in her soft t-shirt and tight panties, she leisurely stuffed a mini doughnut in her mouth and sighed.
Gazing on this sexy sight, her boyfriend Jace smiled at her fresh, soft curves and her powdery, pink lips. Blond hair, hanging past her shoulders, blue eyes sparkling in the dim light.
She had been pretty fit when they first met. Not slim exactly but definitely proportionate. Maybe a size 10 jean and a medium shirt stretched tight across some pretty boobs. After a recent back injury, she had taken taken a sabatical from any kind of exercise and she was taking the opportunity to indulge her unhealthy er taste in foods. All this eating in bed was a good example.
The result had been a significant weight gain. Jace didn't mind. He found it sexy. And she seemed pretty happy with herself. She was always primping and strutting around the house in her underwear. She was flirtier and more sexual than ever. He couldn't guess how much she had gained though. When she couldn't button her pants BEFORE a meal anymore, she didn't buy more in her new size. She just stopped wearing them, opting instead for her sweat pants and yoga pants (which were, themselves, beginning to look a little overstretched across her swelling thighs.) And she was complaining constantly about how tight her bras were but she didn't get new ones. She would just take them off with a sigh of relief after a big lunch and spend the rest of the day bouncing around the house, braless in her tight little t-shirts with her swollen breasts on display.
Taking in the sight of her, guzzling chocolate milk, topping off her already full tummy, he slipped in between the sheets and started sliding his hands on her soft, smooth legs.
"Mmmm..." She moaned a familiar moan. All this new flesh seemed to be always in the mood for attention and affection.
She had always been beautiful, and never particularly insecure but this new body seemed to be excited and ready to go all the time.
She finished her snack and they lay down to snuggle and watch tv.
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Katkatkatkatkat 8 years
Aw, this is SO cute
Rubarbstreet 8 years
I like it. It's a straight forward premise with some great imagery. Would love to read more of your work.
Thinniht 8 years
No, that's it.
I won't be adding anymore chapters to this one.
Thanks for reading though!
Thinniht 8 years
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I love how you have written this and set up this relationship. You are good at building tension and interest. Nicely done. I look forward to reading more.
Jazzman 8 years
Good plot to showcase Excellent Writing Skills. Great imagery and tension building as you go.