I'm a growing boy!

Chapter 1 - i love my donuts!

Ahhh. I love that fresh bakery smell! I love the smell of the bread being baked, the pies cooling off, the chocolate covered strawberries on the display case facing towards the busy street...etc. But I especially love the donuts they make every morning! I admit, im totally hooked on them! And I'm only 27 years old!

It was 9 in the morning. I have been going to this bakery for the past two months ever since it's opening. The place used to be an abandoned garage before they bought the property. What an amazing gift to someone like me to be able to walk to a bakery now! Heh, listen to me talk about these things like it's the greatest thing in the world, like it's more important than breathing, hahaha!

Anyway, yeah, morning time. I walk in and I spot the donuts, laying softly and soundly in their display case at the counter. My mouth begins to droll, well, not really, but you get the idea. I immediately waddle over to them. Oh yeah, I also go here everyday before work, so I was getting pretty...fat...lately. Oh well.

Like I said, Im hooked. Those scumptious treats now control me in a way, calling out to me while I slowly make my way towards them. They fatten me up as my punishment, even though I must say...to a kinky degree I enjoy my punishment quite so. Uh oh! Thinking about this is making me blush in front of the other customers! There is this girl and her mother standing behind me. I get the feeling the mother is staring at my big fat butt with disgust. I hear her daughter say something in a low tone of voice to her mother.

"Mommy? Why is this man so fat?"
"Because dear, he's just a growing boy. Now don't stare at him, it's not polite hun."

Oh man. Was I ever feeling embarrassed now! I placed both of my plump hands onto my big round belly, feeling the cotton fabric of my peach colored button down shirt all strained from my fat belly, holding my plump tummy in my hands and wiggling my pudgy fingers. Yep, definately feeling blushy and red now! I'm such a porky boy.

Last time I checked my weight was a week ago. It read around 263 pounds (119 kgs)! I had gained a good 35 pounds since coming to this place. Had to buy new clothes at one point as well. All my jeans had gotten too small to wear, so I had to switch to sweatpants and khakis from now on. I still have some button down shirts, like the peach one I have on today, but even those are getting pretty constricting. I give myself one more week before I have to go clothes shopping again.


Oh! I was too busy thinking about silly thoughts to see I was next. Uhh...How many today? Uhh...Hmm...Ah the heck with it!

"Yes, may I please get two boxes of the jellies, the classic chocolates, and the boston cremes? 8 of each is fine. I'm pretty hungry, hehe..."

Oh no. Jeez! Good going mouth! Two boxes? C'mon! mmm...that smell is sooooo good! Heh, I kinda like having a big belly...did I really just say that? WHERE IS MY HEAD RIGHT NOW?

I could see the bakery attendant smiling at me and giggling.

"Oh you're pretty hungry? I can see why!"

Then...he reached out and started to rub my big belly! I instantly turned bright red, embarrassed beyond all belief! The people behind me were giggling, especially the little girl and her mother!

"C'mon Mike, I've seen you come in here EVERY day. You're always hungry dude. But that's ok, we want you to keep coming. We just love our customers so much we want them to be fatter and happy...err...happy!"

He lifted his hand away from my belly. I couldn't tell but he undid a button from my shirt so now my deep dark navel was visible. He handed me the two boxes and held up his hand.

"These are on the house Mike. You're one of our best customers. Be sure to enjoy those donuts ok?"

I slowly turned around and slooooowly left the bakery, with the snickers and giggles still happening inside. I thought I heard the mother say something else about me but couldn't make it out. I was so confused. These two boxes of donuts were free...but it didn't seem right. Or maybe it did? My belly jiggled as I walked home and my backside bounced in my tight pants. It was a nice sunny day out today so i was a little out of breath and sweaty by the time I got home. Ugh, I hate being hot and tired! Time to hit the couch and eat donuts!

One after the other went into my hungry mouth. for some reason I really was feeling extra hungry today. The only reason I said that to the weird clerk guy was because it was better than saying "I'm a fat pig, i want to eat a lot of donuts today!"
Mmm...so delicious. My belly was getting pretty full. My pants were getting tighter and tigher and my shirt was groaning with every bite I took.

Four donuts left...BOIINggngngg!!!

"My shirt!"

With a mouth full of fatty goodness, my buttons finally gave up and popped off. They flew into the next room, leaving a fat boy and his treats all alone and with his big doughy belly all exposed. Man, what's gotten into me lately?


Oh great! I need to find a new shirt and pronto! I found one, another tight one though. A sky blue button down dress shirt, giving a clear indication that I was a real plumper. I waddled to the door and opened.

"Hello, is your name Mike?"

I responded in the positive.

"I saw your little scene at the bakery earlier today. You really are a fat piggy you know that?"

Then, I can't believe it. He grabbed my belly and started to wiggle it! This complete stranger!

"Hehehe, you're becoming such a fatty. You keep this up big boy and you're gonna have to widen the doorframe!"

Ohhhh, that jiggling. I'm getting so hot...oh man...oh man...oh man...oh god...my belly!

"Bu-bu-but...oooohh...please stop picking on meeee..."

He then began to finger my belly button. This had to be my weakest spot on my entire abdomen. There was now an official bulge in my crotch at this point.

"I'm not picking on you Mike, I'm taking care of you. All of us are gonna take good care of you, hahaha."

"Mmmmfff.Wh-who is...'all of us?'"

I bit my lip out of lust. He smiled at me and started to turn me around and grope and rub at my hips while holding my big belly from behind.

"Don't worry Mikey. Tomorrow you'll find out."

Then he kissed my neck...
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