I’m trapped and love it.

chapter 1

I’ve always been turned on by fat. What happened was my wife, who is very fit and strong, we used to work out. She was more fit than me and she is tall and very strong. Anyway I hurt my shoulder and couldn’t workout for a while. Naturally I lost some of my tone and gained 30 pounds while I was injured. Both of us thought I’d take the 30 pounds off in no time. But, I never got the desire to go back to the gym and continued gaining weight. For a while she indulged me and would buy me Big Macs and shakes.
Once she realized I wasn’t going to lose weight she got mad at me. She picked on me verbally all the time and in front of our friends too. To her dismay I loved it. It turned me on to be humiliated and keep getting fat.
She is a sly one, so she started to restrain me, all in fun I thought, and feed me until I was bloated. I gained 50 more pounds and was totally unfit and weak from lack of exercise, so I wasn’t even able to resist her. She allowed me to be lazy and get really fat and soft.
One day, all in fun she restrained me and brought over a man from the gym. He was actually my workout partner. Ugh. I was so embarrassed being tied up and helpless and him seeing me tied up and grossly fat. He laughed at me.
Turns out they were having an affair because she was really grossed out by how fat I was.
Well, he fed me a few times and I liked it.
But one time my wife put sweet honey on his dick while I was restrained and “told” me to lick it off! At the time I was was shocked, but the thing is my dick got hard!
She saw my dick get hard and used her strength and dominance to make me lick his dick clean. I was helpless because I was restrained. But the thing was I loved having his cock in my mouth.
From that point on until she left me both of them would bloat me regularly and then I’d have to suck his sweet dick clean. And sometimes they would squeeze me and spank me and humiliate me before she left me for good.
As of now I developed a love of bloating and sucking a sweet cock clean.
If that’s not too wired I’d like to keep being bloated and sucking cock. In fact that’s all I ever think of now.
That said I hope you’re not turned off and will consider continuing to feed me and let me suck you off. I’m submissive and I also like to be spanked if I dissapoint you.
Please let me know what you think and if you want to enter a relationship with me.
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