Ian�s growth

chapter 1

Ian was slim, successful and happy. He had is own business, selling electrical goods, mostly online. He no longer had to work, but he would get bored just sitting around doing nothing all day. It did him good to get out and about.
He was married to Catherine. She was a buxom blonde estate agent. Every day he counted himself lucky to have found her and tied her down. Every night he loved to take a large handful of her tits and suckle hard on her sensitive nipples.
They lived in an affluent area in a big bungalow. They had their own maid to do their household chores and her husband kept the garden spruced up.
Catherine was well aware that Ian loved her double D's. She often caught him staring at her chest when she was talking to him instead of looking at her face. She kept them covered up in the most part. She had to at work, but out of uniform, she would never be able to get any sensible conversation out of Ian, if she put them on show.

Neither of them were gym freaks. Catherine liked to swim occasionally and Ian didn't mind a round of golf every now and again. They both considered they ate healthily as well. They were not fanatical about their diets. They ate out to celebrate birthdays and such, but it was not a regular occurrence. They rarely ate fast food, takeaways or anything processed or pre-prepared. Catherine preferred to cook everything from scratch. It took a little longer, sometimes, but cooking to her was her way of de-stressing after a hard day at work.
Ian had told her she could give work up. They did not need the money. She could go part time even. But like Ian, she enjoyed getting out of the house every day. It gave her a sense of purpose.

Like most people, they looked forward to their holidays. Two weeks winter skiing in the alps, two weeks in the summer around the med one year and the next year they'd go long haul and spend three weeks away.
Any other time off was spent maintaining the house, shopping, catching up with freinds and such. Weekday evenings were for catching up with the telly by the fire. Weekends were for going out. On Fridays, Ian would go out on the town with his mates, Catherine would meet up with hers. On Saturdays, they'd go out together. They'd often drink too much. Sometimes they'd go out clubbing. They were really too old for all this, but they enjoyed it just the same!
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Aquarius64 6 years
I reckon this story is finished now. I may make a few tweaks, but it is af far as I can take it!
Hurgon 6 years
Incredible!!!! I love Catherine's style. "She did all this without him having to get out of his seat. She cooked, served, cleared away and washed up." That's the way to make a man bulge. Exploit his inner laziness!
Built4com4t 6 years
Wonderful first two chapters