Intentions exposed

  By Jmir

Chapter 1 - a few careless words

We were lightly tipsy from the bottle of wine we shared, and stuffed to the max after the delicious meal we cooked, when we crawled onto bed, as horny, and longing for each other's bodies as ever. Gosh, I was so full of delicious food, I could hardly move. All the pasta you made, topped with cheesy sauce. It was followed with a tomato mozzarella salad, and a lovely dessert of vanilla ice cream with hot cherries. But now you were slowly crawling on top of me, and running your hands over my body. I took mine in turn, and starting at your neck, ran them down your t-shirt, and, once I reached its bottom, slowly moved it upwards again. Your fat stomach spilled out, and I pulled your head down towards me. Our lips touched, a deep kiss followed. I could feel your weight on top of me, how your belly rested on mine. You felt much heavier now, compared to what you used to be like when we started dating two years ago. You always had a small pouch, but now you were bigger, heavier. You had grown from a shirt size L, to an XL that was slowly getting tight. Well, we have been living the good life, and both of us were good cooks, and surely I had my fair share in it as well, ensuring we prepared bigger portions when we made dinner together. In consequence, I gained, too. My breasts grew only a bit, most of all my belly and my thighs grew. They were much softer now, but I didn't mind those extra two clothes sizes on myself, either. I think, overall I must have gained 15 kilos, and went from a curvy 76, to some decidedly chubby 91kg. I knew you were a bit heavier, you have always been. But now, with you on top of me, and our skin pressed against each other I wondered just how fat you had gotten. I appreciated every ounce you weighed, it turned me on. I couldn't help it, and I moaned "Wow babe, how fat you have gotten. I love your weight on top of me..."

"Excuse me?!"

You stop, suddenly. I want you to go on, explore my body, I want to feel you as tight, and close as possible. But I notice the puzzled look on your face.

Wait, what did I just say?

"What did you just say?"

One of the feats of being together for a long time, is knowing almost every thought of the other. But there is something that we never talked about - and that was my love for your increasingly chubbier body. You didn't seem to mind, all these times I explored your flesh, ran my hands down your thick, luscious love handles, all those long, deliciously cooked, plus-sized meals, when I encouraged you to eat a little more, until you moaned that you could not eat anymore. And then, we went to bed, and I played with your chubby flesh and your fat tummy. Maybe you noticed something, but I never told you. Maybe you were just thinking that I loved you despite all of this. Maybe you just liked to cook yourself, maybe you just didn't care that you grew bigger, that I grew bigger. I never asked you what you thought about it, I never told you what I felt. Until now. Shit.
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