The diet

  By Jmir

Chapter 1 - the diet begins

"Babe, can you finish my plate?" Emma said. Jack looked at her surprised.
"What? Is anything wrong with your burger?"
They had gone to Emma's favourite burger place in town, and she had never left food on her plate. That might have been been the reason why she had become the chubby girl she was.
"Well, I have gained a little weight. I think I need to go on a diet. C'mon babe, finish my plate."
He looked at her, scanned her body, from her pretty, round face with her dark her and green eyes, her cute little nose, down to her perky breasts, and further to her little paunch that was sitting on her lap, tightly pushing out her shirt. He actually liked the extra weight on her, but he didn't want to argue. Besides he still felt a bit hungry, and the burgers were pretty damn good, as always.

When they got home, the first thing she did was go to the bathroom to weigh herself. Over the next few months, the scene at the restaurant repeated again and again. She would always order her usual plate, eat about half of it, and then push it to his side, cooing "Babe, please finish my food." It was a strange diet, but it seemed to work. After two months, she stepped on the scales again, and immediately ran back from the bathroom. "Jack, Jack, I lost 7 kilos! I'm so proud of myself!" She hugged him, and seemed really happy. He was surprised that she seemed to take the diet seriously. He got to know her as a girl who loved to eat, who would always finish her food. He wasn't so excited about the news, he had noticed that her chubby belly was a little smaller, her face a little less round, and he actually liked her curves. He also noticed what her strange diet did to him. He was medium built, not skinny, but not fat either. He used to be about 80 kilos, but now her extra portions had brought him up to 85. His paunch had gotten a bit bigger, but if it made her happy, then he was happy to take the collateral damage.

To celebrate they went for dinner at their favourite burger place again. This time, she said "Today I'm going to have the whole burger again. I felt like I was starving for two months, I'll make an exception."
"But babe, you were starving the last months.", Jack retorted.
"Well, yeah, sort of. But it was worth doing. I lost 7 kilos, another 7 and I'll be done! I'll be a pretty girl again."
"But you ARE a pretty girl, you know!"
"Hush, you're so kind... but I really need to lose weight!"
There was no use arguing, and Jack felt that she was really proud of herself, so he didn't want to ruin it.

And so she continued with her half plates, always pushing the plate over to Jack when she was done. A month later, she had lost another 3 kilos, and to celebrate they went out for dinner again. Once again, she had the whole meal, but then at the end, she said:
"Babe, I'm so hungry. You know, I could eat two burgers after all of this. You know, I lost ten kilos, I can surely make an exception today, and have two, right? Just today." He looked at her surprised. "Yeah sure, you can! But whilst you're at it, I'll have another one as well... I think I might have gotten used to your extra portion." She laughed "Oh, and you've become a little pudgy as well." Now he looked annoyed. It's true, he had probably gained all the weight she lost. But he didn't think it fair that she put it out so bluntly. "Well, that's ok", she said with the sweetest voice, "Boys are allowed to be bigger." He grunted something in reply, but left it at that.
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Jazzman 7 years
You have set this up Marvelously. So many ways it can go from here. I had a friend who did enough yo yo diets starting from age 13 through 20 that she spent her adult life weighing 296 to 345.Mad potential in this story.