Jekyl and hyde 2

  By Jck

Chapter 1 - day 17

It was day 17 into the marriage the day David came home and found Molly on the couch in a big t shirt and bed head. There it was a food stain across her breast. "Hi Honey" she said. Her eyes went straight to the bag of fast food in his hand. The portions were getting bigger and Molly was enjoying them mindlessly chomping away at the burgers and fries and pizza and other things David would bring home. David was pleased at the way his wife was progressing. Time would pass quickly and it was about three months into the marriage that David came home and found Molly crying.

She had weighed herself only to find she had gained almost 40 pounds already. 42 actually. "I'm so fat" she cried, refusing to some out of the bathroom. David assured her that she looked great to him and he loved her so much. "Who cares if you gained a couple pounds" he said. She finally calmed down enough to return to the couch, her belly hanging out of her t shirt and hair tied up in a messy bun. She happily began eating away at her huge burger and letting out a moan of approval. When finished she looked over at him for the ultimate test. "Do you want me" she asked with a quivering voice. "Oh God yes" was David's reply.

Helping her up to her feet he led her to the bed room, soft sexy fat rippling across her hips and thighs. He took her clothes off, drinking his creation in with his eyes. "I love you with this meat on you" he said with hungry eyes. They began devouring each other with sloppy kisses when David threw Molly down on the bed. He took her tender breast in his mouth sucking hard on her hard nipple. "Do you love my fat" she cried out. "Fuck yes" was David's reply. He couldn't wait anymore, He mounted His wife and felt his manhood enter her wet fat pussy. "Do you want me fatter" She panted. "Yes baby, God yes" He struggled to reply. "I'm going to get so fat for you Daddy. Make your little girl into a fat piggy, please"

The dam had burst open and David didn't have to pretend he didn't want Molly huge, and Molly didn't have to pretend she really cared about getting fat.
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