Jekyl and hyde 3

  By Jck

chapter 1

Molly was quick to leave the 200 pound shell of herself behind and embrace the idea David had for his wife. Days spent sinking deeper into her impression on the couch. She would start the day with a dozen donuts and move on from there to a sack of breakfast sandwiches. She would get so horny stuffing herself through the day and let her hand wander to her pussy, which was getting so plump and so fat, and was always so wet and hot. At lunch time she would slip her chubby feet into a pair of flip flops and head out wearing a food stained nighty to a fast food drive through and buy a large order of food to last until Daddy would be home.

One day on the phone with her obese mother David over heard Molly say "Yeah, I have gained a lot of weight but David is so understanding, he never complains" David liked picturing Molly's 400 pound mom on her couch talking to Molly on the phone with her huge chins and fat rolls, knowing Molly would soon follow suit.

Molly picked up on her role quickly. She would moan and whine and lazily nag David to wait on her hand and foot. Soon it was no longer an act as weight piled on and after a year of marriage Molly was 326 pounds of fat lazy greedy spoiled wife. Not long after their first anniversary David came home from work with a very different attitude than Molly was used to seeing. Molly was there sinking into the couch as usual eating some snack cakes. "Hi baby" she said, eying the bags Daddy was carrying. The evening went on with the couple eating dinner as usual but David wasn't showing much attention to Molly . She was trying to figure him out when he got up and went to the bedroom without her. "The nerve "is what was going through Molly's mind. Here she is a 26 year old woman who has given herself totally to this man who has fed her up into a real pig just to satisfy is lust and he comes in here and treats me like I'm nothing. After eating her fill she got up and went into the bed room to see David. "What's going on" was her question. "I thought we could change things up some"

He picked up a paddle and said" What do you think" Molly was pleasantly surprised. "You and your kinks" she said. "This could be hot" David directed her to get on the bed on all fours. He began stroking her with the paddle that had the word "pig" written across it. "That feels good Baby" she cooed at him.
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