Kia's new fridge

  By Gwgb

chapter 1

Today's the day. What day? Moving day! It's all Kia has been able to think about. Finally being able to move out of her parents place and be on her own. Not having to worry about school, Dave (her ex) or even rent! Since the house is privately owned by her friend, she doesn't have to worry about paying a thing. As the movers get everything in, one mover comes up to ask something. "Hey, where do you want us ta pit this uhh fridge here?". Kia thought about it for a moment and pointed to a spot in the kitchen. The box said "handle with care" which seemed to be odd for a fridge. But, kia diddnt think much about it. As the movers get everything in and are about to leave, kia stands in the middle of her newly furnished house with her hands on her hips. She was a good looking girl, a solid 8 or 8 1/2. She was medium sized, about 5'9 with a perfect hourglass shape and weighing in at about 120. She had abs and toned thighs, markings of a track and hockey athlete. She had short hair in a sort of Mohawk/ emo kid style. It suited her perfectly. She then made her way to the fridge to grab something to eat. She saw though, that it was not plugged in. "Lazy movers, not doing their jobs." But when she plugged it into the wall, something strange happened. The lights flickered and the the ground began to shake. Then, as soon as it started, it stopped. "Oh thank god, I just moved in here. I don't need anything bad to happen yet." She laughed to herself and resumed to what she was about to do. As she opens the fridge, she finds it to be completely filled with delicious food. "Woah! Sweet! Looks like I won't be having to be worrying about groceries anymore. She took out a burger and fries, two 2 liter sodas and a chocolate cake. She sat down and proceeded to dive into the feast in front of her. As she finished the burger, she then proceeded. To eat the rest of the fries, cake and both sodas. "Oh my god, I diddnt think I would be this hungry haha. She patted her then very large and stuffed stomach. It looked to be the size of a soccer ball. As she got up from the table, she went on to bed.

The next morning, Kia awoke to her feeling significantly heavier. As she went to the bathroom, she looked In the mirror to find her abs replaced with a layer of flab. She scratched her newly formed pudgy stomach to find how soft it is. "Damn, how much did I eat last night?" She then goes on to get herself together and heads downstairs for breakfast. She opens the fridge to find a large stack of pancakes waiting for her. "Cool, so this wasn't a one time thing!" As she digs in the fridge to see what else is there, she finds a large plate of french toast, eggs, ham, and bacon. She then proceeds to eat ALL OF IT. She lays back to admire the damage she has caused. Her belly now sticks out like a beachball. It has perfectly round shape and is heavy on her thighs. As she tries to get up, she nearly falls over with her body trying to adjust to her newly found weight. "Woah, ok this is really weird. I can't have possibly gained this much weight in two days right?" She then proceeds to go to take a nap in her room. When she wakes up, her belly is much smaller but still big however. It looks to be about the size of a basketball. "Hmm. If I keep putting on weight like this, I'm gonna need some bigger clothes." She then throws on a pair of sweatpants and an old ESU hoodie her ex gave her. While it used to be big on her, her belly now hangs out slightly underneath it. As she gets in her car to drive to the mall, her belly jiggles and shakes with every step. "Oh lord. Ok, I just need to get to the mall, find some bigger clothes, and get home before anyone recognises me like this."
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Theswordsman 4 years
Im actually surprised that she can still walk with how fast she's gaining