High school gaines

  By Gwgb

Chapter 1 - the girl across the hall

It was just another 10th grade school day for Justin. First period was dreadful as usual and second period wasn't much better. However, it was third period that got interesting. Third period was always Justin's favorite class. This was his percussion class where he could just let go of everything on his mind. As he walked into the classroom, he noticed a girl he had never before. Justin being a friendly person at heart walked over to the new girl. "Hey, I'm Justin. U new here?" The girl ignored him. "Uhhh, hello?" Repeated Justin. He tapped the girl on the shoulder. As she turned around and James saw her face, he realised he just made a big. BIG mistake. The girl turned out to be Jaiden smith. A Puerto Rican girl that Justin had known since elementary school. They had actually used to be friends, but due to some middle school drama, Jaiden had lost all respect for him. After that she had moved away and hasn't been back since. But now she's back... "Ugh, its you..." Replied Jaiden. "Sorry, Mr.Nixon asks me to be the one to introduce every new student to the class." Jaiden scoffs "I already know what this class is about. Thats why I joined it ***." "Woah, jeez chill out. I'm just tryna be friendly." Justin replied. "Bullshit, your still tryna get back at me for what happened with Charlie!" Justin was taken a back by this. He and Charlie were actually still best friends. "What?! No, me and Charlie are cool now. You really think I would still be mad after some shit that happened in 8th grade?" "Yes because I still am!" Justin was getting annoyed at this point. All he wanted to do was drum his thoughts away. But instead, he has to deal with this bs. "Look, do you want to have a tour oof the class or not?" "Ugh no. Just get away from me you ugly price of shit." Justin was actually glad he was able to get away from her. Luckily, class was about to start. And here, Justin could finally let Loose. After playing through some sweet child o mine, walk this way and thunderstruck(Justin had an old taste in music) class had finally ended. After third period was lunch. Unfortunately, Jaiden had the same lunch period with him as well. Could he not get away from this girl?! Justin and Jaiden sat back to back at lunch due to where their friend groups were. It was here, that Justin would learn something very interesting about Jaiden while she was away....
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Patotonto 5 years
Where is the picture from?
Theswordsman 5 years
You can make it to where they have a hard time booking a show because the people in charge of gigs have a problem with her size and you can make it to where after she reaches a crrtain point she gets winded more easily making it harder to perform.
AndiFive 5 years
you show them the beginning of your dating along with the beginning of the band, you can also show how your old friends are treating her now that she has gained weight, and also makes many descriptions about her body and the accumulation of fat and flab.