Kidnap to piggy boot camp

chapter 1

"EAT YOU SKINNY BITCHES! EAT!" Screamed a large muscular Drill Sargent as he watch 10 fattening woman growing fatter. The Sargent felt a sense of pride as each woman groan and moaned as they stuffed their faces into the trough in front of them.

It was 1230 and time for the piggies feeding once more. The trough was nothing more but a 30ft tub filled with fatten goodies made by the chiefs in the mess hall. The slop contains all the right stuff to grow a proper pig. Each times he sees the stuff, the Sarge couldn't help but wonder whether or not the girls will end up draining the darn thing.

He walked behind each one slowly. Each woman wore a similar pink jump suit with their new Camp IDs on their backs. Along with the jumpsuits, each woman was custom their own collars(elastic metal collars to chain to their troughs) which would snap off once reach the main goal. The once XL jumpsuits used to hang over them like a defated ballons but now were fitting their forms well. Each woman a different race and hair color. Some were once proud models and others random but now soon to be fat, overweight blimps. This bunch were scheduled to be sent out on December 23 at 1500 hours each weighing over half a ton within the 3 months given.

He couldn't help but lick his lips as each jump suit rear strained under the weight of the growing rumps of each sow. As far as he could tell, these piglet were getting closer to their half way point.

'They should be ready by Christmas,' he thought until the hawk eyes spotted the last one.

With a snap of his fingers, two cadets appeared by his side with both a salute. "Sir."

"TAKE PIGGY 1987 TO THE FEEDING CHAMBERS NOW!" He shouted as the cadets rushed over to the trough. A quick as a whistle, they unhooked the brunet from the trough and pulled her up.

Piggy 1987 was a fair skin brunet and looking very full. "Please.... No more," the brunet whispered as she let out a loud Burp. Poor Piggy had been forcing herself to eat for the past 15 minutes as the weight of her belly groaned.

"Shut Up Piggy," One of the cadets spoke as he lifted her up with his parter and begain to roughly lead her to the double doors.

The Sarge then spoke loudly as the cadets led out the full pig," I want her to be weighing at least 600 next time I see her!"

As quick as cheetahs and strong as rhinos, the two took Piggy out of the mess hall and down into the coradors until the came across a Door with a Big sign Reading,


"No... Please... already to full.. Too Full. " Piggy whispered the best she could as the cadets opened the door and drag her in.

The Chambers was a Huge room which looked similar to a medical Observatory. There before her was a big examination table. Big enough to hold a baby blue humpback whale or more. As she struggled, a stranger walked into the room with small table.

"So how much for this one," The Doctor said as the two cadets moved the heavy woman closer to the table.

"Must reach 600lb sir," the second cadet spoke as they reach the table.

"Fine, fine. Just put her up and I will take care of it." He said as they push the tired woman onto the table. As she laid on her back, Piggy 1987 then saw several bright numbers appear on the screen by the next thing that sent fear down her soft back. A long clear like hose hang abover her face like a limp tube sock.

195, 250, 300, 290.... 283

"Well, well, Miss Piggy. You do give me a lot to work with! Lets see how much bigger you'll be by the time we're done." The doctor said as the two cadets held her arms as the doctor grab the hose and pulled it to her chubby face.

"No!.. No!.. No!" she shook her head as the doctor push the tube into her mouth and tied the tube around her head.

"Don't worry my dear," the old man chuckled." This wont hurt a bit." He said as he pushed the button on side of the table which activated the process.

Moaning, Piggy looked in her horror as the tube began to fill and slide down to their location, her stomach. She could feel as her body became warm and numb as the fattening nutrition began to fill her with both a mixture of both food and medicine.

"You should be round as the moon by the time you wake up, Miss Piggy" the doctor watch as his new patient began to drift off in a drug like sleep. He knew that by the time it was for her to wake up, was the week that Halloween will began. And this little piggy will be up and hungry for all the candy she will need to grow.

The cadets and the doctor walked out the of the door with one last look at the growing woman as the lights dimmed for the day.
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QuebecFA 8 years
This is such a sexy story! I hope there will be a Part 2! :-)