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chapter 1

I can't help but feel like I had lost my way of life ever I had survived the accident that had broken both of my legs and left me with amnesia. The hospital was nice enough to find me a care taker, who later became my keeper.

Oh yes... lunch time!

I couldn't help but look at the lunch that my caretaker made for me.

"Here's a snack to tide you over til lunch time. See you later Tubby'" My caretaker said as they gave my large blob of a stomach a rub before walking out of the apartment.

This so-called "snack" was enough to feed 5 small families and just enough leftovers for a midnight snack.

I could have left. Should have left but I think I missed that chance 3 months ago. That was the last time I barely seen my feet and that was when the doctor had taken off the cast. A single thing to do and wasn't able to do it.

Two words...

Physical Therapy.

Unfortunately, my caretaker had sway me to the point that now it wasn't an option. "I will have you back on your feet in no time." As a certified Trainer, my caretaker had made me a list of things to do in order to "get back" into shape was another story. The last time I saw a scale was about the same time as the visit and was fearing that I had to be 3 times as my previous weight.

I pulled my lunch closer to me as my stomach all but had over my legs. Oh yes... Within a blink of an eye, I had finish the feast. 4 Extra Large of my favorite Pizza, 2 tubs of Mash potatoes with Gravy, a dozen Big Macs with fries, and an apple Pie.

But left on the table was the main source of my near immobility, The shake. It want until last month, my caretaker had revived to me their big secret. Being a Physical trainer had the knowledge of not just building muscles and making you strong but also know what nutrition's your body needed.

I couldn't help but sob as the ingreditions that was mixed had not only make me grow fat. Oh no.... It did more than that.

It gives so many health benefits that I could live up to 175 years. Expect for several things and side effects. Lower metabolism, memory loss, extreme sensitivity, increase appetite, muscle loss and severe case of grogginess to falling asleep. The biggest problem was that it was addicting.

I couldn't help but remember as I had tried to leave the house but only to realize that I had grown to wide to walk though the door. My care taker laugh as they watch me struggle for one minute, just to end up waddling to the table and draining the gallon jug.

As we speak, my inch of will power is leaving me. Licking my lips, my hands moved to the milk jug and moved it to my mouth. As I gulp down the shake, my body began to shudder in pleasure. The ripples cause by moving blobs of flesh had now became my weakness. The more bigger I got, the more pleasure I could make by a simple act of movement.

I could barely feel the near, empty jug fall to the ground as I fell asleep to the sensation of growing fat.
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GrowingLoveH... 9 months
Really enjoyed this little gem of a story.