Lana's deal

Chapter 1 - lana's deal

"Let's eat chinese!"
"But I want italian food!"
Lana and her friend Paul often had such arguments. They loved each other badly, but they had different opinions and wishes on most... well no.... on everything.
Lana was a small girl, about 1.60m, but with an ass that would look big even on a 1.90m woman. She had an adorable face, with high cheekbones,big blue eyes, and black hair. Also her tits are quite large and her waist is rather small.
They both were exhausted by all the arguments they had, and although they just argue all the time, the last thing either wanted to do was leave each other.
Paul had a great idea. It would fulfill two goals for him. Firstly he can change his girlfriend as he wants, so he orders a lot of a illegal drugs from the internet. Also he bought many many many fatty foods and stored them in his car. It was enough food to feed a whole family for several months. Secondly, maybe they would stop arguing.
"Darling, I've got a great idea on how to stop our 'problem'! How about this: One day you need to do all I want, the next day I need to do all you want! What do you think?"
"That's great! I want to make a magical contract, so we don't even have a choice to do what the other wants."
"Yes, good idea!"
So they got a magical contract, signed it with their blood. Paul was the one to start.
"First of all I want you to hear me talk, without interrupting me.
The thing I like most about you is of course your goddamn ass. And, because you need to do what I say, I will enlarge your best asset a bit. I got some drugs, they transform food into fat quite fast and efficiently. The effect lasts for 24 hours.
I don't know what happens if I feed you more than one pill, so we will see. First of all measure your ass!"
Lana got up, took the tape and measured herself. 78 cm.
He took one of his drug boxes, removed one and gave it to her. "The internet site said just to eat one. Let's see what the drug can do. Eat this ice cream bucket. Let's see what 1kg of chocolate can do now that you took the drug."
He went to the car and grabbed two of those buckets. Then he fed her one pill.
"Now eat the ice cream as fast as possible." She started eating at an insane speed, finishing it in less than five minutes.
Paul waited ten minutes, then gave her the tape measure again. "Measure it again."
81 cm.
"Oh nice, it already grew, even your thighs seem to be a little thicker! But I think we can speed this up a bit. Take 25 pills now."
Horrified and scared, she grabbed the bottle with the pills and took 25 out of it, then took them. She felt a bit weird at first, then she felt something inside of her change a bit. Paul gave her the next bucket. This one she ate even faster.
"Now, let's see if it worked. If it's not getting better when you take more than you should, you'll be 84 cm. If not, well, we will see. But you definitely look bigger than before!"
89 cm.
"Well, it works... You like your bigger ass? Be honest."
She nodded.
"You want it bigger?"
He started thinking. "She's still my girlfriend. And look at her ass! It's nearly ripping her pants. But, I think she would look so good with an even bigger ass. I think I'll have her grow until she rips her yoga pants. That should take a while, and in the meantime I can decide if I should make her ass even bigger or not."
He ran to his car and got a lot, lot of food and brought it to Lana. "Eat for as long as you wear those yoga pants. When they rip, you can stop."
She started to eat and her ass grew, he could watch it and feel as it pushes against his hands. The pants just wouldn't rip.
Finally, she reached her goal. She had to measure again.
172 cm.
"You want to stop now, Lana?" She nodded.
"Well, I'm sorry. As you grew, you only got sexier. We will do the exact opposite now. Go into the kitchen and swing your ass as much as you can while you do that. There you can see a few bottles of the drug. Bring all of them." She did what he told her to.
"Eat them all." After she finished, she felt really strange. She had taken about 400 pills. It was like her body just doesn't want to do anything anymore.
"Now eat another of those ice cream buckets. I want to see how much you grow now." She did so, and while she ate she could already feel her ass growing.
204 cm.
"Whoa, just from this little bucket!"
He went to the car and took all the food he bought and put it in front of her.
"Eat." he told her.
She swelled and ballooned. He went behind her and felt how her growth pushes him back.
About two hours later she had finished the food.
Her ass was nearly filling the entire room now, each thigh weighing as much as an elephant.
"Don't stop eating! Eat houses, trees, just don't stop!" Slowly she grew bigger. And bigger. Paul was in heaven as she continued to grow and grow and grow, never stopping...
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