Sophias improvements.

  By Horbsch

Chapter 1 - this is the whole story not one chapter lol.

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After her boyfriend left her she was devastated. she thought she was fat and would never ever find anyone again. but the truth was that she got a cute looking face, a slim waste same nice b-cup breasts, looking great on her small body and thick thighs with a round booty and wide hips. she was 1.62 tall and had black eyes, and black long hairs. overall a body most girls would literally kill for.
but in her world she was an ugly little nerd with a fat ass and a fat body. she thought her ass was the only thing on her which was a bit attrackting. but now, she was single again and wanted a boyfriend hardly. but she thought she need to improve her body to get a girlfriend. thats why she called a phone number she found on the internet. the website said they need a test subject for their new stuff which should be able to imcrease the size of hips thighs and ass without any operation.
they happily accepted her as test person for their stuff and sent her a lyngerine with the new stuff. she injected herself with it and her lower part of the body swelled a bit bigger. she went to a mirrow and watched at her new curves. she liked them, they got a nice combination out of jiggliness and firmness. as she was asleep her body reacted to the stuff some more. her dna changed a bit and all the weight she would gain in future would only go to her lower half. also it changed her digestion to make it faster and more efficient. the next morning she awoke hungry. she slipped in a pair of yoga pants, which hugged her new curves nicely and got herself something to eat. she ate a big ammount of chocolate pudding and a few breads with plenty syrup on it. she went to school bit just 2 hours later she was incredibly hungry again. so she bought herself 10 chocolate croossants, which she all ate in the following 20 minutes. all the day long she waited for any boy to talk to her or just look at her ass. any sign that she was looking at least a bit sexier. but no one gave her any attention, but not because she was ugly, no, all the boys thought they had anyways no chance and didnt even gave it a try. As she came home later, it was lunch time, she was hungry again. "how is this possible? I ate so much food today, I cant be hungry..." she thought. she ate a whole lasagne.
the next day was like the one before. she woke up, had a huge breakfast, get a big snack, then a huge lunch and an insanly big dinner. And she still got no attention by any boys.
What she didnt know was that she already gained 5 kg since she injected herself.
In pure frustration and having nothing to lose she typed the number of the website 3 times again with other names and let them all deliver it to the post office. 3 days later, she gained 8 kg again in this time, her ass looked already really big and the yoga pants, which fit relatively good after she injected herself with the first batch was now close to ripping.
as she got home in the evening, the day she ate most so she gained 4 kg just from this one, she injected herself with the first batch.
"oh wow, now my ass looks really great... The boys must look at me now. But... is it big enough? The bigger the better they say and what have I to lose?"
So she got the two other ones and injected them as well. Her booty looked now like she stuffed Melons in her pants and her thighs so thick that she had to waddle. But even the waddle looked sexy with that big ass.
In the night while she was asleep her body made strange noices, grumbled and groaned. The stuff changed her DNA drastically and now her body worked like a fat storing machine. she woke up after the change finished and directly waddled to the fridge where she ate all she got in ii and then bought 3 party pizza. her ass ballooned withour her noticing it. she got to the coatch and watched tv. just 30 minutes later she got hungry again this time even hungrier than before. "whats happening to me?" she asked herself. anyways she got herself a 10 kg ice cream bucket and ate it completly. she ate and ate the rest of the day. as she woke up the next morning she got stuck in her door frame. she was there, feeling insanely hungry and thought about possibilities:"what can I do? I am just too fat to get through the door. And I just cant get smaller. hmmm. what about being bigger? I just order more of the stuff and inject myself so long with more and more until my butt crushes the frame. And the bigger the better they say, dont they?" So she typed the number and oredered 10 more. "Hm. But I cant get them. I ask Luca to bring 'em here. He is the only one I trust." Luca was the only friend of Sophia and an Assman himself, so he was really happy as sophia called him amd asked him to bring it after she explained him tje situation. An hour later he arrived and she started injecting the stuff. After every injection she waited 10 minutes to look of she was finally big enough to crush it. He was really aroused by the growth and even thought about possibilities to make her even bigger. After the tenth injection she still wasnt wide enough. The door frame made some crumbeling noises but it wasnt enough to free her. She was nearly crazy of hunger. He went home, ro jerk off. Aftee he finished he looked at his phone with a photo of her, with an ass stuck in door frame and thighs, which were too as wide as the frame and her bum stuck at nearly 1 metre behind her. He wanted her to grow even more so badly that he drove to the address where the stuff she injected herself with came from. As he was there he talked with one of the scienist. The scienist thought:" We got now plenty of female test subjects, but none male one. we will get 10 batches of the stuff too. Luca was so happy that he really got some of the stuff and drove directly to Sophias place. He found her asleep and her body made the strange noices again. At the beginning he was scared of the noices but then he remembered her saying that she was insanely hungry and hadnt eaten anything in 2 days. So he got to work and injected all the batches at once. she swelled bigger and bigger and her DNA changed even more. Still the frame hold her stuck, but the wall made already cracking noices and showed some holes. He stayed there the whole night and they woke up at the same time. The lasg injections were tol much for Sophias body and she couldnt controll her hunger anymore. She bit in the wall and her changed digestion instantly devoured it into fat. she gained another 2 kg from the first huge bite, making her 102kg. As she realized that she can eat the wall without problems, she furiously started eating the whole wall. she still was hungry, her ass through her effective digestion nearly as wide as the wall and filling half of the room by sticking out. her thighs were so fatty that it was hard for her to walk and one leg was fatter than a human. she was so hungry, so she ate the complete house. After it she was as wide as the street. and still she was sooooooo hungry. she ate after house, swelling bigger and bigger, soon her ass was as big as a house, than one ass cheek, then just one thigh.
She started moving downtown...
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