Letting go

chapter 1

"What is it?", he asked, taking the package from her and feeling it, trying to guess what it could be.

"It's just a little something...for you...open it and you'll see!"

He turned it over and began pulling the seal open.

"Oh...neon green? What is...oh, really?", he beamed.

"Why not?", she laughed.

A morph suit. A neon green morph suit. For him.


As soon as he'd tugged it on, he felt bigger already. Aware of every part of his body.

She watched as his skinny form became shrink wrapped, imagining how it would expand.

She held his hand and guided him over to the bed. Once he'd laid back, she took the other hand too and gently tied them to sides of the headboard with scarves.

She hopped off, leaving him to look over his body. His hips and lower ribs were visible. He stuck his belly out, fantasising about what was to come.


She returned with a loaded tray. A big bowl of pasta and a pizza seemed to be the side dishes accompanying a roast dinner. A glass of water and a can of lemonade, both with straws in, sat on the edge.

Once the first forkful of chicken was swallowed, he ate fervourently, appreciating the sips of liquid offered in between.

They both kept a close eye on his stomach, marvelling as they saw it swell from concave, to pot belly. With hands behind him, the only relief was the teasing rubs and caresses she provided.

Every morsel that she put to his lips was eaten up. Now, she offered a jug; a blended shake of indulgent chocolate and ice cream. He gulped it down. His belly grew higher into the air, his skin stretching taut along with the suit.

With the sound of him slurping the last of the mixture, she untied him, squeezing his biceps as she did so.

"Free already?", he panted, all the food had weighed heavily upon him, making him short of breath.

"Well, it's not like you can move."

"True." He relaxed, slipping into a food coma.


He gradually awoke, feeling something pressing on his belly. Had she fallen asleep with her head resting there?

He looked down to see his swollen, green belly still sticking up. Ah...it wasn't a dream.

His softened lower belly touched the tops of his thighs when he swung legs round to put his feet on the floor. The suit was quickly peeled off, then he padded over to the mirror, noticing how he felt bigger and wobblier all over.

His reflection showed his puffy belly well as he examined it from every angle. He pinched at the pudge, hoping it would settle for good. Selecting a shirt, he began putting it on. She appeared behind him, wrapping an arm around him and prodding his tummy, before fumbling to get the buttons done up. The shirt was not yet tight, but it highlighted how round he still was. She cupped his stomach in her hands, as if she could jiggle it.

"Someone really let themselves go last night."
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Very nicely done. You really should write more stories
Built4com4t 5 years
this needs to continue!