Mutual interests

chapter 1

After finding they had quite a few shared interests, Jez and Kerry had slipped into each others lives and now found themselves regularly curled up next to each other in bed. Things were good and he worried he'd ruin it, but Jez knew he had to say something. It just didn't feel right to hold back.

He sat up.

"What's the matter?", she looked up at him.

"It's not...I just..."

"You...what?" she asked, bracing herself to leave. Had he noticed her fondness for fondling after food, for keeping a close eye on his belly when they ate together?

"I just... I've always had...feelings..."

"You're human! That's normal!", she giggled, nervously. "Sorry...I just er...go on..."

"It's okay, I just... I've always enjoyed being full...of food...being all warm and round and heavy... it's weird, I...ha!...I dream of growing, swelling, pushing all the boundaries, getting so weighty, Yes! What I mean is...I want to gain some 20lbs, I don't know..."

"Oh! So, you mean you're...a feedee?"

"You know what that means?!"

"Haha! Of course, haven't you seen the way I look at your bloated little belly after our meals?"

"I thought that was disgust!"

"No! Silly sausage!"

Before he could come up with some retort, she had bounded off into the kitchen. He laid back, closed his eyes and let his mind wander, imagined what he might have let himself in for.

"Hello", she nuzzled up against him.

"Hmm..." Something smelt good.

She shuffled herself down into the bed, and gently pulled him closer to her so that his head was resting against her chest.

"Your secret is out, but you're safe with me." Brushing a curl of hair away, she planted a kiss on his forehead.

He opened his eyes.

"Sleeping beauty", she smiled.

A fork loaded with honeyed pancake was soon heading towards his mouth. He opened wide but - "Ah! No!", she stopped the fork before he could take a bite.

"But?! What?!", he protested.

"One condition..."

"I get to eat too, right? I mean... I like being full as well!"

"You wait until dinner, madam! You'll be wishing you never said that when you can't move!", he teased, taking the opportunity to snatch the pancake from her fork. "And watch where you're pointing that thing, I want to eat it, not stare at it - or worse, lose an eye!"

The stack of pancakes was soon gone. Jez managed almost all of them, bar the last two, which Kerry gladly consumed. His belly was warm and taut. He liked to eat, yes, but never this much, so early before. He turned to watch her, wincing a little.

"You okay? ", she placed a hand on his belly,
"Ah, I see..."

Tugging down the duvet let cool air soothe his tummy and her massaging felt rather good too.

As they spent most of the day rolling around,dinner time rolled around quickly.

Jez raided the cupboards, pulling out all of their half empty packets of pasta. Should be enough, he thought to himself.

He boiled all shapes and sizes of pasta up, lathering them in butter, then making a cheese sauce and adding in a generous dash of cream.

"Smells divine", Kerry commented, brushing past him and settling herself on the sofa.

"As do you", he replied.

"That's just weird!" she laughed.

He carried one large dish over in one hand, and two smaller bowls with forks in the other, serving spoon clamped between his teeth.

"I could have brought that over!" she said.

"No, no..." he mumbled, as she took the big spoon out of his mouth.

"Or, you could have put this darn great spoon in your back pocket"

"Oh yeah!...Anyway, let me dish up..."

He gave out two quite equal portions into the bowls, but still the dinner was heavy. He felt chunkier, sitting back to let his belly rest on his thighs despite it being only at the starting stages.

There was plenty left in the dish. He took his spoon and shovelled some pasta up, then turned to her.

"Here, your go..."

She was full already, feeling her belly pressing against the button of her jeans. Letting him feed her left her sprawled out across the sofa, belly sticking up.

"Ugh", she moaned.

"You said you wanted to be full..."

"...I can't move."

She smiled, caressing her tummy. He placed his hand there too and she drowsily lifted her arm to press her own hand against his round belly. So warm. Her jeans were cutting in, so he undid them, the zipper sliding down as her top rode up to show softening pale skin.


This became their routine, different dishes made their way into the mix (calorie-laden, of course), along with lunches out when work wasn't too busy. They always went to sleep stuffed.

One evening, Kerry padded into the bedroom with a plate of cut up apple and a jar of chocolate spread.

She leant over Jez, making sure she touched her now permanently puffy belly against his.

"What's...?", he asked, a buzz of arousal livening him up.

"We're so used to our diets now, I thought we should have a snack, you know..."

"Oh, yeah...but apple?"

"Wait and see."

She pushed his top up and placed a dollop of chocolate spread into the well of his belly button.

"Really, Kerry?! I'm going to be washing that out for weeks!"

She giggled, revelling in seeing his belly wobble when he spoke.

She dunked apple into the chocolate, feeding him some, then taking some for herself. When there were no more segments left, she began to lick traces of chocolate and sticky apple juice off of him, her tongue trailing down his tummy, until she took his member into her mouth.


Both were noticed how clothes pinched these days.

Kerry couldn't bear jeans anymore and took to wearing dresses, or Jez's old tshirts, with tights or leggings. The loose material of these dresses and tshirts hid how her bottoms clung to and supported her growing belly.

She was absentmindedly stroking her tummy on the way back from work, smiling at how big it felt, when a stranger commented, "Not long now, I guess."
She'd thought they'd meant the that the train would be pulling in soon, but looking in the mirror at home, she realised she must have looked like an expectant mother. Her arms and face had softened too. She seemed to stand differently, accommodating thighs that liked to touch. She hadn't expected to feel this much pride in her new form. She didn't know how much she'd gained and maybe that was for the best. Besides, Jez was showing the effects of indulging too.

Jez sent the scale spinning. The dial showed he'd gained just over 20lbs. Do I stop now? Can I stop now?

He thought about how is jeans were so tight. Kerry had taken to calling him "sausage", something she'd said right at the start, but now because she knew she could get away with it in public, when what it really meant was that he was his clothes were getting to be tightly packed.

He didn't want to give up on them that easily. Calling for and taking in a large takeaway order, he began to stuff himself. He was half way through when Kerry came home.

"What are you...?"

"It's er...I just need to get out of these jeans..."

She sat next to him, watching him eat like she had done in the early stages, but not trying to hide how her gaze fixed on his expanding stomach.

Soon, she was feeding him between him taking his own forkfuls.

"Catch your breath", she instructed, giving him time to digest a little, as she pinched the flab forming at his sides, and squeezed his thigh. He was losing even more space as his excitement grew.

"It's muscle!", he mumbled, chewing.

She laughed, "You're such a soft boy."

He yanked his jeans up, making them sit at the apex of his stuffed belly. Then, taking a deep breath and leaning back - the button was lost!

Their bellies were no longer restricted; they were set to spill forward as Jez and Kerry continued with their gastronomic pleasures.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
I love this couple so much! What joy and indulgent pleasure you pack into this story! Thanks for sharing your talents!!

Now, write some more!
FrecherTyp 5 years
Oh very cute and love smiley i hope you are going to write more soon

Oh how i like the little teasings she does si lovel in your story