Chapter 1 - harmless

Lolita woke up on a Saturday morning and got out of bed. It took a couple of tries but she managed to lift herself off and made her way to the kitchen. She shuffled around preparing some coffee and gave her exposed underbelly a scratch. She sighed, today was the day. She had been meaning to go to the gym for the last year or so now and she knew it was time.

"Well, I might as well grab something small to eat and then head out since it's so early." She thought.

After filling her 30 oz thermos with more cream and sugar than actual coffee, she grabbed a Danish from her pantry and then went back for another before heading out the door. She got in her car and finished most of her coffee and both danishes before she got to the Planet Fitness 3 blocks from her house. She heaved herself out of her car and walked in.

"Welcome to Planet fitness Lila" one of the girls at the reception desk chirped.

"Morning, my name's not Lila..." She grumbled as she passed.

She hopped onto one of the bikes and lazily peddled for about 10 minutes before she got bored. She wiped it down and headed over to the treadmill. She walked slowly on it, texting away and she actually managed to go 20 minutes before she realized she was tired. After wiping that down she headed over to the weights and thought, "Screw this. I'm hungry and tired." and then she turned around and walked to her car.

"I'm starving. Let's have breakfast." she texted to her best friend Kay.

"Ok, where do you wanna meet?"

"IDC... How about that diner on campus? They are sooooo good."

"Ok... See you there in an hour."

"An hour?! I can't wait that long. I'll just grab a bite before and meet her there. We can always just hang out." Lolita thought before starting her car. She headed over to the nearest McDonald's and ordered 3 sausage McMuffins, a hash brown, and a small orange juice. She sat in the parking lot on her phone and munched on her meal until it was time to head over to the diner.

Frank's Diner was the best one in town and Lolita loved it ever since she stumbled upon it one day two years prior. She saw Kay already seated and walked over to sit with her.

"Hey you, how are you?" Kay said with a smile.

"I'm good, went to the gym." Lolita said proudly.

"That's good... You should have told me you were going, I just came from mine. We could have worked out together."

"Oh, sorry I didn't make up my mind til late last night and fell asleep before I could text you. But for sure next time alright?"

"Yeah, sure. I'd like that."

"Good morning ladies, my name's Jake and I'll be your server today. Can I get you all anything to drink?"

"Ummm... I'll just have some water." Said Kay.

"Same, and a large OJ for me too." chimed in Lolita.

"Alright, do you both need a minute or do you want to order now?" Jake asked.

"Sure, I'm ready if you are." Kay said to Lolita.

"Yeah, you go first though."

"I'll have the veggie omelette, but can you make it with only egg whites? And can I have fruit instead of hash browns?" Kay asked.

"Sure thing. Bacon, ham, or sausage?"

"None for me thanks, just a side of whole grain toast with no butter."

"Alright, and for you?"

Lolita was a little ashamed. She knew she should have what Kay was having and that she had already eaten today but she was so hungry she couldn't stop herself when her mouth said:

"I'll have the Lumberjack breakfast skillet with extra cheese and a side of sausage gravy and a side of white toast with butter and if you could also bring me a side of hash browns that would be so great." She said to Jake with a smile.

"No problem, anything else before I go?"

"No." Said Kay suddenly, "Thanks."

Jake sped off to put in their orders and get their drinks while Kay shot Lolita a look.

"Can I tell you something, bestie to bestie?"

"Oh great, here it comes." Lola thought as she sheepishly nodded her head.

"We've known each other since we were in day care together and we've been best friends since. Right? Well I've noticed that your... Ummm... Weight has been... increasing lately and I just want you to know that I'm here for you. And I love you like a sister. And if I didn't I wouldn't say anything." Kay said as she reached for Lolita's hand. "Is everything ok?"

Lolita was hesitant. She didn't know what to tell her and she was afraid of how Kay would react to the truth. She was still in denial herself.

"Yeah, everything's fine. I'm trying. It's just not easy to change so quickly." She finally said, squeezing Kay's hand. "But I'll be ok."

"Here we are ladies. Your drinks." Jake interrupted. Kay let go of Lolita's hand and they started talking about their lives. Lolita was listening but she couldn't help but let her mind wander.

"I wonder what would happen if Kay just stopped going to the gym..." She thought to herself.
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