My life, after.

Chapter 1 - greg thinks he's sly

Hello again, Nicole here.

Last time I checked in it was to tell you all about Becky and what happened to the one person I trusted more than anything. For those of you who don't know, I secretly fed and dominated every aspect of her life. I made her completely reliant on me until I decided I wanted my own life back. So you all know that I know how this all works. I married Greg after about a year-long relationship because he was kind and smart and we have excellent chemistry. He thinks he's slick and thinks that I don't know what he's been trying to do, slowly, for the last 6 months. Of course, he doesn't know about Becky.

On our honeymoon, we feasted like kings and barely left our suite because, well, we had just gotten married and we wanted to take full advantage of our time alone. When we got home after two amazing weeks, he took on all the cooking. I didn't mind since I had a full-time job and still went to the gym often. He worked from home most days and when he did go to the office it was usually only for a couple of hours and he'd get home way before I did. It was, to his credit, very slow in the beginning. He would leave little treats around and bought more soda and alcohol to leave around the house. He knows I have a sweet tooth and after a particularly hard day, a nice mixed drink or a glass of wine would always help. I thought he was just being thoughtful until he slipped up. He started making more decadent meals. Instead of our usual lighter meals, he'd often make heavy, greasy, fatty meals full of carbs and usually made a wonderful dessert to follow. I allowed this to go on, enjoying the pampering and the taste. He was very pleased and I knew it. I was upping my time at the gym and that's when he messed up the second time. He'd try and plan things when he knew I was planning on hitting the gym. He would act hurt when I denied him, as he put it, "us time" and would sulk if I didn't show up. I didn't mind this so much because I knew by then that he wanted me to gain and I didn't. So I did, what any normal married woman would do. I told him I wanted a baby.
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Kase1098 5 years
God damn it. I accidentally deleted the 3rd chapter and don't know how to get it back.
Feedergotfat 5 years
I really like the setup for this a lot! Keep it going please! 😁