Lucy at fat camp

chapter 1

Lucy couldn't wait! Today was going to be her first day at fat camp.

All the fattest girls at school went to camp! But they were hard to get into. You had to be really fat to qualify! Getting to go to camp was what set the popular girls apart from the losers.

Lucy was so excited because she had gotten into Camp Lard, one of the more prestigious camps. You had to weigh over 250 pounds and demonstrate a monstrous appetite to get in! The camp lasted eight weeks, and they guaranteed that they would double your weight by the time you came home.

She was hoping to exceed expectations, and come home 600 pounds. She couldn't wait to show off her new rolls to the boys at school. Especially Michael, her dream feeder, and captain of the football team. His currently girlfriend, Becky, was only 200 lbs, and she only qualified for Camp Tubby this summer (they could only guarantee a 100 lb gain). Lucy really wanted to impress him by the time time school started.

After Lucy's parents dropped her off, she boarded the camp bus. It was double wide and reenforced, to accommodate its heavy passengers. Lucy picked a seat in the middle, and noticed there was a goodie basket with a note on the side. It said:

"Eat up! Make sure all these sweet treats are gone before you get to camp."

Lucy dove right in. There were two dozen donuts, a small cake, several candy bars, a box of Oreos, and two bottles of chocolate gain shake. She had finished a dozen of the donuts before the bus even drove away.

In between bites, Lucy chatted with the girls around her. She met Hannah and Marcy, who were about her size. She instantly liked them! They all chatted about their weight gain goals for camp, swapping stuffing techniques.

Two hours later, when the bus arrived at camp, the girls waddled off and were greeted by the head counselor, Steve.

"Hi girls!" Steve said. "Please, take a seat." He gestured towards a row of mobility scooters.

"We've assigned you each a mobility scooter. You may not need it now, but we don't want you burning any calories by walking! Plus, it's good to get used to it, because you'll need it by the time you leave!"

The girls all smiled.

From there, the girls were shown to their bunks (though none of them were actually sleeping in bunk beds, as they couldn't climb to the top or expect the bunks to support their weight). Instead, each girl had their own room with a reinforced bed, a fridge as a nightstand, a bathroom with a walk in tub, and a huge scale.

In addition to camp activities and meals in the dining hall, all the girls were expected to clear out their fridges daily. They'd be restocked every morning by the camp. The girls were also given a special appetite enhancer pill to take daily, which helped them adjust to the rapid gaining schedule faster.

Once Lucy settled in, she went to the fridge for a snack. Before she knew it, she'd plowed through a family size tray of Mac n cheese and a sheet cake. Then, she heard the dinner bell. Not bothering to wipe the cake off her face, she sat back into her scooter and rode off to the dining hall.
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It is a nice story. It does seem incomplete. Why don't you complete it?
Mrunknown1019 5 years
I am looking forward to you finishing that story.
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The queen piggy lives!!
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It is a good start.
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I love the way your mind works.
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Good i hope more chapters!!!! And Photos of you