Food cruises, inc.

chapter 1: boarding and goodbyes

When I signed up for the cruise, I knew that it would be for life. The women who board the notorious ships run by Food Cruises, Inc. never leave. But, for those of us who were willing to make the commitment, we would live our lives in the utmost luxury, experiencing endless pleasure forever.

So, you can see why making this commitment was appealing.

But first, some background. I live in a society where feederism has gone mainstream. Morbid obesity -- for pleasure and sexual gratification -- has been normalized. Modern medicine has allowed feedees to live without any of the consequences of their weight -- pain, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. -- they've all been cured. The only limit is mobility, and frankly, that problem has already been solved by scooters. Anyway, with the medical and social problems squared away, there arose a new issue: how to meet the ever-growing demand for SSBBW's who were willing to grow to insane proportions. With demand at all time highs, there had to be a way to increase production. That's where the cruises came in.

You sign away your freedom, your ability to leave a giant, city-like cruise ship, in exchange for living in the lap of excessive luxury, being filled with soothing pills, and being asked to do nothing but eat and have sex constantly. Men pay thousands to spend a week on one of these cruises -- feeding you, fucking you, dominating you in any way they like. You can see why it makes for a good deal for both sides.

Especially for those of us, like me, who already weigh in excess of 500 lbs. Modern medical science has shown that once you cross the threshold of 500, there's a very slim chance of you ever regaining a "healthy" weight. So why not spend your life in style, being worshipped by hordes of feeders? Why not enjoy the pleasures of your flesh to the fullest with people who get rock hard at the sight of you? Who will feed you for hours, and hours...

I was 24 years old and 507 lbs when I signed up for the cruise. I knew from the moment I signed the paperwork that it was going to be the best decision I ever made, and I never looked back. Not that I was ever really able to turn my fat neck around much, after that.

This is the story of my cruise, of my glorious life of hedonistic excess.
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FatInLosAngeles 7 years
The reason I did away with the medical issues is I want to take the characters in this story upwards of 1000 lbs, and dealing with the medical issues up front solves that more nicely.
TheConnoisse... 4 months
Thanks for that
Bruinsean 7 years
It is a nice start.
Zachi 7 years
please continue
QuebecFA 7 years
I really love this story so far! I eagerly await Chapter 4! ;-)