Lust bite

chapter 1

Sitting at the bar he sipped a warm glass of whiskey. He feeling the urge
again, he wanted it so badly, it was all he could think about. It hurt to deny
himself ashamed of what he thought never daring to tell anyone about it.

A group of girls cheered as a overweight girl with a 21st birthday hat on
chugged down a glass of beer finishing it they erupted in cheering again. He
started at her longingly feeling his mind stirring about what the night could
unfold. He shook his head slamming down the rest of the whiskey, feeling the old
familiar burn. He caught the eye of the bartender.

"Another whiskey bar keep."

He slammed a twenty down the bartender went and got his drink.

"Your cut off after this, got it?"

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah..."

Drinking helped suppress his urges, they where strong but the numbness
accompanying by being blitzed made it less appealing to him. His body and mind
still ached for it but he fought it hard.

The chubby girl he was staring at most of the night friends started to leave
leaving just her behind. She waltzed up to the bar as she hopped up on a stool
next to him. She smelled good the intoxicating aroma penetrating his nostrils
making them flare. Her breasts plump and full, her belly looking round and soft,
nice rotund juicy ass with creamy soft legs to top it off. He guessed her to be
about five foot five inches and two hundred pounds, the fat evenly proportioned
throughout her tiny frame.

"Hey...could I get another bay breeze please! Thanks!"

Obviously as wasted as he was she took her attention toward him.

"I saw you staring at me. Do you like this?"

She shook her large bosom at him smiling. He didn't know if he had drank to
much that night but he didn't just get up and leave.

"Yea I do, they look scrumptious."

She laughed loudly.

"Your so nice! Your not to bad looking yourself! My names Krista, what's yours?"

"I'm Cyrus, nice to meet you."

He finished his drink and he put a tip in a jar he started standing up but the
didn't want him leaving.

"Wait, I'll buy you another drink. If you stay."

He should leave now. He was always told by his 'father' fat women were taboo.
He wondered why he always made such a point about it. Always saying never be
with a girl over one twenty, it was unnatural. His urges kept him there though.

"Alright, thanks."

She got giddy holding his arm tight as he sat back down. Her squishy arm felt
warm against his. He should have left, his 'father' was right. But he didn't.
The bartender sighed getting him another drink. He drank down half the glass as
they talked.

She was a really sweet girl, smart to, and pretty. A triple threat hard to come
by these days. She told him her parents had died at a young age she was thrown
into foster care. Never being compatible with any of the families she went to
stay with she just aged out of the fostering program. At eighteen they threw her
out on the street wishing her luck.

"So what are your parents like Cyruss?" She asked drunkenly sluring his name.

"I never met my mother, and my 'father' died a long time ago."

"Oh I'm sorry, I know how you must feel...where you close?"

"No not really...we always seemed to ***s over everything."

She started to look tired eyelids drooping down halfway. She leaned in and
cupped her hand over his ear whispering.

"Hey do you wanna get out of here? Do you live nearby?"

She blew seductively into his ear, it tickled. He nodded slowly standing up
with her escorting her out by his right arm. They walked along the cold streets
his apartment only a few blocks away. He saw a mcdonalds along there was home
and she got excited.

"Ohh I'm hungry I'm gonna grab something. Do you want anything?"

She ran inside and ordered her food leaving him outside. He could leave right
now he thought not give into urges. But he wanted to, too late now as she
trotted back to him a twenty piece nugget in hand. She ate each one whole
smacking them in her mouth, loosing all sense of manors in her drunken stupor.

"Almost there..." He told her.

Wondering if he should stop and take her away, his urges felt so wrong, but felt
so right. There soft milky skin, the smell of them, the warmth. He was becoming
aroused while thinking of it. They finally arrived at his apartment she had
eaten all her nuggets and threw the container in a trash receptacle outside the
apartments. He took her to his apartment and pulled out one key attached to a
odd shaped key ring. Slipping it into the key hole he turned it hearing the
familiar click as he opened the door.

His apartment was bare, nothing hanging on the walls, no television, one love
seat sat in the middle of a room. His kitchen was bare, fridge empty. The
bedroom just had a box spring and mattress, bare of sheets. She didn't care
though she turned to him, and rushed him her tongue sliding in and all around
his mouth as she slipped her shoes off. Grabbing his hand she placed it on her
breast making him rub it moaning, he kept on doing it. She pulled away for a

"Oh I'm so horny! Let me ride you baby. Please!"

It was now or never...kick her out now or let the urges take over..he felt so
immorally wrong. But her lips tasted so good the aroma of her body intoxicating.
He couldn't help it. He started kissing back just as ravenously, he wanted to be
in her.

"Yes I need it."

She lured him over to the small love seat pushing him into it and she got
undressed. Slipping her pants down revealing her fleshy booty, taking her
underwear down she kicked them to him he caught them and sniffed them shivering
in delight. Pulling her shirt off he saw her pudgy pot belly and last she
unhooked her bra letting down her soft juicy tits.

The room smelled heavy and sweet. He wanted her now but he had to calm himself.
His erection formed slowly in his pants. Feverishly ripping his clothes off he
unleashed his penis having it bob up and down he leaned back in the seat

She wiggled her ass and stepped hard when walking having the fat on her body
jiggle, he liked that. He turned away though ashamed. Closing his eyes tightly
as if in pain. -if I start I won't be able to stop...-

"What's wrong? You embarrassed about getting turned on by my lovely lady lumps?
Its okay just relax..."

She got on top of him and started kissing him again his doubts in his mind
slowly fading. After seeing he calmed down she sat up enough to put him in. Once
he was in she started humping soft at first wanting to ease him in.

"Touch me wherever you like baby! You might like it."

He had his hands behind him on either side of the seat. He wanted to touch her
so badly. This was wrong he thought, so wrong why did he feel this way? Why was
he the way he was. Trying to fight a losing battle he knew he would end up
losing. Might as well make the best of it..

He grabbed her breasts and shook them feeling the fat inside them jiggle like

"That's it baby yeah! Smack my ass!"

"I can't...please stop.."

"Come on do it!"

He took one hand and smacked her ass making it ripple he grabbed a handful of it
and shook it hard.

"Oh yeah, your good at this for being so embarrassed by it!"

Could he still stop? Maybe before he came he could pull out say he felt sick? A
friend was coming over? Anything! But it was to late.

"Yes Cyrus yes!"

Her vaginal walls tightened around his dick as she orgasmed hard he felt like he
was going to blow his load. He could still pull out. But she took him by
surprise humping down and rotating her hips in circles making him cum inside
her. He finished up and she lay on top of him, he was still inside her.

"That was really good!"

She looked at him, his face looked contorted in anguish. Eyes closed tightly
shut as his head cocked to the side.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered.

"Sorry for what hun? You didn't do anything wrong!"

The hunger pangs had returned, they where so intense this time. Why had she
noticed him staring?! Why? But it was to late the urge was to strong now...

"I know...I'm sorry for this.."

He lunged his arm up and wrapped his fingers tightly around her throat making
her gasp unable to breathe or speak. She managed to mouth -why- to him.

"I told you to stop! Now the hunger won't subside..."

His skin looked paler now then she had noticed. He reached his other arm on top
of his head pulling off a wig and his ears two small holes remained his head
completely hairless. He pulled at his eye brows and they peeled off he threw the
fake eyebrows to the ground. Putting his pointer and middle fingers onto the
pupil of his eye he rotated his fingers and plucked two contacts out. Only a
milky white color remained of the sclera, not even veins where visible on them.
Pupils and iris non existent just a cold blank eye. Then finally he reached into
his mouth and popped out fake teeth on the upper and bottom. His teeth sharp and
pointed canines all along his mouth. He grabbed his nose peeling off the fake
one leaving behind a flat area with just two slits,

She tried to fight back or even move to get away from him but her body felt numb
and her limbs where'nt responding. Was it fear? No it was something different.

He opened his mouth and let out a long spine tingling shriek while baring his
fangs. Slowly standing up he lifted her by her throat with him.

"My saliva can be paralytic if I want it to ejaculate juices can be a
pain blocker to..."

She stared at him terrified as he placed her down on the floor running his
tongue along his teeth. All she could do is watch unable to move.

He picked up her arm and bit hard into her meaty flesh it tasted so good, creamy
sweet and salty all at once. He hea
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Chrysophase2003 7 years
This is an excellent story that is easily overlooked. It was taken to its logical conclusion, and illustrated a little of the monster in all of us.