The big move

chapter 1

The Big Move

In his inebriated state he slapped his hand into his friends back as they started wrapping up there last beer for the night.

“I’ll miss you man, you’ve been a great friend but I know you have to do this.” Said Ray

“Yea...I’m not sure if it’s the right thing but it feels like it right now. I leave next Wednesday and my wife and kid will stay here for awhile until I can get enough for a house. This new job is going to help a lot!” Said Bill his longtime friend.

His friend then said something he has said many times in a joking manner but this time he seemed serious about it.

“While I’m gone feel free to fuck my fat ass wife while I’m gone! She just keeps growing it’s getting out of hand...” said Bill

Hearing this made a tingling sensation erupt in Rays crotch, his wife was getting fatter by the day it seemed. At this point she had to be at least 430 pounds and was only 5’2.

“Haha yea right man like I could ever!” Said Ray.

His friend smirked. “Did you know when we went on vacation I had to go in when she was showering and help her fat ass get washed? The shower was too small for her to reach so I can to scrub her down like a huge elephant.” Bill said in disgust.

Rays heart skipped a beat as he imagined it becoming even more aroused. Trying to hide it he quickly changed the subject as they slowly finished the night.


Giving his friend a strong hug they finally said there goodbyes as they both started to head off home.

“Seriously though, if you go and *** it might help get herself off her fat ass for once!” Bill joked.

“We’ll see man haha.” Said Ray.

On his drive home he thought back to the vacation they had gone on and one night where he had stayed up late drinking with his friends wife Carol.

Carol and Ray sat on a small includes porch both pretty inebriated and Carol still eating some leftovers, as she finally finished she let out and hearty belch and apologized.
Her stomach was huge as she sat in the chair that was struggling to hold her girth, having most of her weight in her belly it was amazing that her ass was bigger than his wife’s. A remarkable feet since his wife was pear shaped and was quite a fat woman herself, just not as huge as this woman.

She slowly broke the silence about something that she had been wondering for a long time.

“I notice you stare at me sometimes for quite awhile, And your eyes seem to bulge as you do. Am I that huge that it’s surprising every time you see me?” Carol asked.

Feeling embarrassed he answered a bit to quickly.

“No I like how you look...” Ray trailed off.

A bit surprised she blushed. “Oh well thanks..” she didn’t know what else to really say.

His inebriated state made his ask maybe spending he shouldn’t.

“Do you like being your size?” Ray questioned.

Her face reddening she slowly nodded.
“It’s kind of exciting being this fat I do like it, I wouldn’t mind getting even fatter, but Bill doesn’t seem interested.” Said Carol.

Ray got a slight smirk on his face. “Maybe we should fatten you up so much you can’t move out of state anymore!”

Her expression was surprisingly accepting of his offer. “I think I’d like that, how fat would you make me?” Carols voice trembled as she became increasingly aroused.

“Hmm maybe double of what you are now?” Ray said.

“Oh my...that’s so big. How much do you think I weigh?” She giggled.

Giving her another look over he came up with a weight he thought was fairly close.

“I’d say you’re about 400?” He said.

She shook her head. “So close! I’m 415! You would want to double my weight?” She replied her excitement rising.

“Well is it was up to me that would be a start...just to make sure you won’t have to move. Does that sound good to you?” He said

Feeling that he was serious she wanted to make exactly sure of it. She had a bit left of her wine in her glass and she chugged it down feeling slightly dizzy afterwards.

“Come over here for a second Ray.” She begged.

He got himself up and walked over to her hesitantly as he did she grabbed his hands and pulled him in kissing him passionately, he pulled back only for a second but lunged back into her embrace they made out for several minutes and she slowly pulled away.

“I need to see how serious you are about how much you find me sexy, I’m going to jerk you off and have you finish all over my fat belly!” She demanded.

She struggled to pull her pants bellow her massive gut exposing her ghostly white flesh. It ripples uncontrollably with little probing. As if on queue he had his member out primed to go. Before starting she grasped his hand and guided it down to her crotch he inserted his fingers into her pussy and massaging it. Already she was amazingly wet and it felt almost hot to the touch from how cold it was outside. She began moaning with pleasure as she grasped him with her pudgy little hand.

“Oh my god...” was all he managed to croak as she stroke him, each second feeling more pleasurable than the last.

Mesmerized by the size of her belly it wasn’t going to take him long to climax. Her leg twitched with pleasure and her gut sent ripples all through out it. Not being able to help it he took his other hand and grabbed underneath her belly and started to shake it. The movement made her even more aroused and they both couldn’t hold it anymore.

“I’m going too...” he sputtered.

“Kiss me!” She begged.

The moment their lips met they both exploded, she kept going as his frosting covered her large muffin top like belly, it seemingly never going to end.

After it was all said and done they both breathed heavily and he grabbed some paper towels to help clean her up.

“It looks like you are serious...that felt great I think this could actually work...” She exclaimed.

Nodding in agreement still feeling spent after finishing.

“I look forward too it.” He said with a big smile.


It had been a week since his friend Bill had left and he hadn’t heard from him or Carol. As he was about to text her about it his phone started ringing and it was her! Picking up quickly he answered.

“Hello Carol?” He said.

“Hey there Ray, did you forget about me or what? When you coming over to start fattening me up?” She teased.

Dumbfounded about how blunt she was he was thrown aback. “Um well how about tonight?” He said.

“Sounds good! See you tonight! Come by at 7.” She said.

With that she hung up and he was left confused, excited and aroused. So this was really going to happen he thought to himself. For the rest of the day he has a smile plastered across his face and he couldn’t wait for that night.
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