Marzena and leszek. the moment of truth

chapter 1

Marzena was terribly bored at the party. Her former classmate, Agnieszka, invited a lot of people with whom she did not feel any real connection. Morever, there was not any alcohol served.

"I will sneak to the basement, they must keep some wine there" Marzena thought.

When Marzena walked down the stair, she heard a silent weeping. It was Agnieszka's husband, Leszek, sitting alone in the basement with his head in the hands.

- What's wrong, Leszek? - Marzena asked - Why are you hiding here and crying?
- Oh, that's you Marzena - Leszek flinched surprised. - I'm fine, I'll be back upstairs in just a moment...
- I can see that you're not fine. Don't treat me like a stranger, you know that you can trust me. Although I haven't seen you in a while, we used to be very close in our school years. Have you forgotten that?
- No, Marzena, I haven't. It's just so embarrassing, I'm not sure if you would understand...
- Try and tell me, please.

Marzena noticed that Leszek looks very different than two years ago when she last saw him at his wedding with Agnieszka. He used to be only a little chubby, now he put on weight a lot. "He must weight at least 120-130 kg" Marzena guessed in her thoughts.

- Well, OK, I suppose I can tell you... - Leszek started his confession - It's about Agnieszka. As you can see, I'm much heavier than on the day I got married with her. She calls me "lard-ass" or "whale" and she doesn't want to have sex with me anymore. It's been a half year since we last slept together.
- Leszek, that's terrible... You can't allow her to treat you like that!
- Well, I don't know... Look at me, isn't that obvious...
- Firstly, she's your wife and if she puts all that hate at you only because of your appearance, it's very shallow of her. Secondly, trust me, there are many women that love bigger men.
- Are there?
- Yes... And as you share your all these intimate matters with me, I'm going to tell you my secret too. I belong to this kind of women that have crush on big handsome men too. I always found you very attractive but it's now with these extra kilos that you look just perfect to me!
- Well...
- You remember that guy that I dated in high school, Patryk? He was definitely not the skinny guy, was he? But back the time I didn't have enough courage to speak so openly about my fetish...
- I see. To be honest, I enjoy my new weight. It is just other people, especially my wife, that make it so hard for me to accept it.
- OK, enough talk - Marzena smiled. - I think I know how to cheer you up.

Marzena hugged Leszek with her right hand, while with the left one she unbuttoned his shirt to play a little with the belly. At first Leszek was a bit uptight but he quickly gave up to it. He kissed Marezna with passion and undressed her.

Naked, they danced in silence for a little while, touching each other with their foreheads. Then Marzena went down on Leszek, touching fat rolls on his underbelly with her nose. They both giggled.
- I believe that you're ready now - Marzena said. - Take me from behind now.

To do that, Leszek had to lift his belly and put it on Marzena's bottom. She turned around with a big smile on her face. The feel of his heavy gut sliding on her butt cheeks - was there anything that could get her turned on more?

Well, actually there was something...

Time to switch - she whispered. - Let me get in front to you, Leszek.

Now that his big belly stroked her clit, Marzena reached the most intense climax that she ever had. As for afterplay, she kept her hands on his big, hairy belly and rubbed it.

They laid embraced in half-lighted basement, sipping on wine that Marzena finally found. From above that could hear the distant sounds of the party conversations.
- You know, Leszek, I would really like us to be together - Marzena broke the silence - I want to enjoy your fatness, help you to gain ever more, make love with you... and I don't think such a great guy deserves to be with somebody like Agnieszka.
- I feel the same way about you, Marzena - Leszek nodded while playing with her hair. - I believe that what I had with you tonight saved me from being miserable for the rest of my life. If only I was aware earlier of all these things about yourself, about us... gosh, I regret all these lost years.
- Tshh... - she put the finger on his lips. - What's gone is gone, we still have a whole life ahead of us.
- Well, I guess you are right, we are stil young... ish - Leszek laughed. - When are we going to tell Agnieszka?
- How about now? - Marzena grinned and winked. - C'mon, let's go.

Marzena helped Leszek to get up from the floor. They marched out of basement, holding by the hands. The house was empty, apparently all the guests were already gone. Only in one room the light was still on - it was the kitchen where Marzena and Leszek found Agnieszka with a glass of red wine and an empty bottle.

-Wow, so after all this party turns out to be not so entirely non-alcoholic - Marzena could not resist to remark. - If I had knew that you have wine stashed somewhere in here, I would not go looking for it to the basement.

Agnieszka was staring numb at Marzena and Leszek making out in front of her eyes.
- But then I would not find more than just wine - Marzena continued. - If you allow - well, even if you don't - I'm going to take your husband with me.
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