Your weight is against the law

chapter 1

Sandra moved a pile of documents from one side of the desk to another. For a minute she pretended that she reads one of them while taking notes down. Then she got back to playing solitaire on a computer.

That was pretty much how every working day looked for her since she joined the police. Sitting by the desk and getting bored. Aside from computer games, the only way to kill time was eating. Donuts and potato chips were two things that were never missing in her office at the police station.

"Gosh, I really shouldn't grab another one", she thought while biting the frosting from the top of a donut, "Soon I won't be able to button up my uniform and I'll have to write a request for receiving the one in bigger size from the stock. If anybody at the station hears about that, they will mock me for days ..."

Lost in her thoughts, she didn't even hear when the chief of the station, lieutenant Mroczkowski, entered her office.

- Ekhm... When I only see you, you're always eating - he said - Tell me, how are you going to pass physical evaluation this year?

- Well, I have passed all my PE exams in the police school - Sandra shrugged - And annual evaluations don't really matter after we graduate, do they?

- That does not mean that once you get officialy recruited you can just turn yourself into a fat pig! - Sandra's supervisor raised his voice - I have enough of rookies like you who think working at the police is all about slacking and stuffing with junk food all day. And that is exactly why I wanted to talk with you... From now on you are going to take part in the street patrols instead of desk job, apparently too comfy for you. Your partner will be Bogdan, another lazy lard-ass that makes me sick.

- What about the car, boss? All are taken by other officers...

- You should both be just taking the walks, it would help you lose a few kilos! But don't worry, we received a new patrol car from the central headquarter. You begin tomorrow.

- Yes, sir. Just one question. Can we return for lunch breaks to the canteen at the station?

- Damn, Sandra, you only have one thing on your mind! Yes, you can. And get out of my sight now, you can finish earlier today. Not that you do anything here anyway.
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