Moving to the fat farm

chapter 1

"Are you morbidly obese?"

Colleen's eyes popped open wide as she jolted her head up from her bowl of spaghetti. She slurped down a mouthful of noodles and stared at the TV. On the screen was a handsome man, wearing a suit and tie, with slicked back black hair and the smile of a used car salesman. There was something undeniably sleazy about him, but for some reason, Colleen found him very attractive. The very mention of words like fat, obese, heavy, or diet, were enough to trigger her own insecurities with her weight, and she immediately began twirling her fork and shoveling more spaghetti into her mouth as she watched this blunt new commercial.

"Are you a woman between the ages of 21 and 40?"

Colleen hadn't weighed herself in over a year, but her last recorded weight was 589 pounds. So far, the 28 year old met both requirements for whatever product or service this mysterious gentleman was shilling for. Since that last weigh in, she had undoubtedly gained weight, something she'd been doing as far back as she could remember. Colleen had always been fat, but it was only in the last few years that she felt her weight was becoming an issue. After countless attempts at diet and exercise in her teens and early 20's, she resigned herself to her love of food and hatred of strenuous movement. She was always the first to joke about her weight and eating habits, but was secure in herself and her size, at least until she broke 400 pounds.

Colleen's sedentary office job certainly didn't help her keep the weight off, nor did her company's liberal policies on snacking on the job. She was good at her job and it paid very well, but it was monotonous. Eating and drinking soda on the job became second nature. Colleen broke two office chairs before the company was forced to order a double-wide steel-reinforced bariatric model just for her, which many of her co-workers made fun of her for behind her back. As her weight continued to balloon, she found herself completely exhausted after each day at work, and was too big to do a lot of things her thinner friends took for granted. She'd go out to eat and drink with her friends on occasion, but most other activities were off the table. Naturally, this caused her to become more reclusive, and even bigger.

"You have a beautiful face, honey. If you just lost the weight the boys would be all over you!"

Colleen was 14 when she first heard that one, and would hear it again countless times as she got older. Somehow, despite her best efforts, her face always remained slim. She stood six feet, two inches tall and had long blonde hair that went just past her shoulders. She had a very pretty face, with bright blue eyes and a lovely smile. She was nearly as wide as a park bench, with an ass that could turn a love seat into an arm chair. Her big belly had swallowed up her lap long ago, and forced her fat legs apart when she sat down. Huge breasts sat atop it, barely contained by her HHH bra whose straps dug sharply into her plump shoulders. Everything was a chore, from getting out of bed to going to the bathroom. She dreaded walking and did as little of it as humanly possible.

"Are you sick of the diet industry and society at large fat shaming you and treating you as a second class citizen because of your weight?"

Colleen rolled her eyes and fumbled for the remote, assuming that what she was watching was yet another commercial for the latest fad diet or workout plan.

"Have you accepted yourself at your current size, and wish those around you would too?"

Colleen put the remote down slowly, intrigued. She twirled more spaghetti around her fork and took another big bite.

"Here at the Williams Center for Bariatric Women, we don't believe in defining a woman's worth by an arbitrary number on a scale. We believe big is beautiful, and lead the nation in researching obesity-related illnesses and the myths surrounding them. For a limited time, we've opened up five new positions in our super obesity program. If you're a woman over 500 pounds and between the ages of 21 and 40, you're eligible for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Should you be selected, you will be provided free luxury housing, complete with utilities, premium cable, and any amenities of your choosing. You'll receive a generous monthly allowance for clothing and other living expenses, as well as transportation. Of course, food is free, and residents are encouraged to eat whatever they want, whenever they want. You'll be assigned a fat-friendly doctor and nurse, who will keep you healthy and help you achieve your goals as safely as possible."

A montage began to play of enormous women driving around on scooters, being tended to by nurses (all of whom were quite heavy themselves), watching TV, eating, and having a good time.

"As a member of our super obesity program, you'll also have the opportunity to earn more money by gaining weight. That's right, the bigger you get, the more money you'll make. And it doesn't matter how big you get, your needs will always be met and exceeded by our staff regardless of your weight. But don't take my word for it, let's hear from one of our residents!" The sleazy guy from before said in a voice over.

"I was 650 pounds when I came here to the Williams center. It was already really hard for me to get around, but they were extremely accommodating to my every need. The staff here is incredible, it was so relieving to finally be around fat friendly doctors and nurses, and to be treated with dignity and respect. I told them that, if I get much bigger, I probably wouldn't be able to get up and around anymore. And they told me that was fine, and that they'd take care of everything once that happened. All I had to do, was, eat! And here I am, 150 pounds later, and I'm happier than I've ever been. I eat as much as I want, of whatever I want, whenever I want it, and I earn double what I'd be making on disability. If you're a big girl like me, and you're sick of trying to change who you are, I'd highly recommend applying for the Williams center."

Saying all this was an enormous woman who, according to some on-screen text, was named Lauren, and apparently 28 years old. She sat in a bariatric hospital bed, which she had adjusted to a seated, slightly reclined position. She had long, wavy, black hair, pale skin, brown eyes, and very faint brown freckles on her cheeks. Her beautiful face was a stark contrast to the rest of her body, which looked like a blob of pure fat. Her huge breasts rose and fell with each frequent, labored, breath, propped up by a gigantic belly that spilled out halfway down her calves. Colleen had never seen a woman that fat before, and couldn't believe how happy and content Lauren seemed despite her seemingly dire situation.

"Applications will only be accepted for a limited time! Visit for information on how to apply!"

Colleen looked down on her big belly and sighed. She never saw her weight becoming this out of control, and she couldn't imagine herself turning things around at this point. Going grocery shopping, one of the few remaining things she enjoyed in life, was becoming too physically demanding for her. It seemed that with every passing week her clothes grew a little tighter, and the steering wheel of her SUV dug just a little harder into her enormous stomach. All the local fast food and takeout places within a 10 mile radius recognized her voice, her name, and her shamelessly gluttonous orders. Her friends were worried about her, though they'd never admit that to her face, as they were (for the most part) on the heavier side themselves.

But a FAT FARM? Or, she thought, in this case, a REVESE FAT FARM?

The Williams Center seemed like the next logical step in her journey, a golden opportunity that she'd be stupid not to take. If she continued down this path, she'd have to quit her job, get weight loss surgery, apply for disability, or worse, move back home with her parents. She shuddered at the idea of being too big to get out of bed and having to rely on her mother to bring her food and hose her down every day like a Dr. Phil sideshow freak. She had pondered weight loss surgery in the past, but found her insurance didn't cover it, and most doctors required patients to lose 50-100 pounds the old fashioned way before they'd be considered for surgery. Funny, she thought, considering that if she could lose weight through diet and exercise she wouldn't need the surgery to begin with!

"HHHMMMMPPPHHH!!" She grunted, heaving herself off the couch. She hated thinking about all this stuff, it scared her, it made her anxious. And when she was anxious, she ate. She huffed and puffed her way into the kitchen and grabbed a family sized bag of Doritos off the counter, ripping it open and grabbing a greedy handful before she was even back on the couch. On her way out of the kitchen she grabbed a two liter of Coke and tucked it under her flab-covered bicep.

The couch moaned in agony as she sat back down, making the living room shake. Colleen grunted as she leaned forward, picking her laptop off the coffee table. Reclining backwards, she put her giant glass of Coke in the cup holder of her armrest, the Doritos next to her (on the remaining sliver of cushion not taken up by her ass), and her laptop propped up on her big belly. She licked orange dust off her fingers and went to the Williams center website, took a deep breath, and began filling out the application.

After all, it couldn't hurt to try, right?
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This is a good ending i like how you also leave the possibility for future stories involving these characters
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Next chapter is the final one, the epilogue. I think I've done all there is to do with this story and it's been a lot of fun. I've already started my new one, called "Fat Kat" that you can find on my profile.
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Almost 70,000 views, WOW! Thanks guys!
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Thank you all for the comments, criticisms, and encouragement. I've been having a lot of fun writing this and it's nice to know you guys have too.
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