My dream scenario

chapter 1

I walk into your besrooom, just off the kitchen. I am in my customary at home attire which is a robe and bra and panties. My body is sculpted and toned, a clear sign of my dedication to the gym. I am 5 foot 6 with wavy blonde hair. I like how different I am compared to you my love...

As i look around your bedroom, i see the hoyer lift with the 1500 pound weight limit that was professionally installed by the Workman who expanded this room to meet your needs. This lift will make it easy for me to transfer you from your bed to the changing table on the opposite wall. I can also use the lift to move you into the massive shower without you having to exert yourself at all. The bathroom is big enough to wash you comfortably at any size.

The wall in front of your massive California king sized baratric bed has a 60 inch tv with an Xbox attached. It is quietly playing a crime drama show as you sleep softly.

I see no need for you to wear much, so last night, i put you in a diaper and plastic pants when i left you your late night snack of 36 king sized candy bars and 3 64 oz bottles of your weight gain shake. When we met 2 years ago, you eagerly agreed to using diapers and gaining with shakes, but i don't think you thought it would go this far. I knew from the day we met that you were perfect for me to turn you into my masterpiece. Quite simply the fattest person alive is my only goal.

It looks like you made a mess of all those candy bars as wrappers are strewn everywhere and chocolate stains your mouth and hands as you sleep. I am happy to see that you are all the candy and drank all of your shakes. Such a good piggy.

.I quickly let my robe fall to the floor so then you wake up you will see my smiling face as i greet you in my underwear. I want you, but you need to eat first and get clean. So your day begins with me slowly massaging your massive breasts and belly. Laying down, it's easy to see that you have two belly sacks and the lower one covers your knees.

You aren't too fat to walk a little, yet, but i see no reason for you to put forth any effort. You slowly wake up as my massage of your belly continues. You seem a little worried because your diaper leaked leaving a spot on the chux under you. I can also tell from your face that it won't be long before you poop too. I whisper in your ear, " relax, Mommy is here to take care of you. I will take care of everything sweetie." I glance at the digital scale attached to the bed and it reads 637 pounds. I smile. I am so proud of you.

I kiss you passionately on the lips and then I grab the remote for the hoyer lift to get it in position to lift you off the bed.

Once the hoyer lift is in place, I roll you over a little to get the pad properly in place. You grunt a little from the exertion of having to move slightly, but that soon passes. Once I am sure you are secure in the straps of the hoyer lift, I use the remote to slowly move you off the bed toward the diaper changing table. I can see from your face that as soon as you were lifted up, your body relaxed and you pooped. I smiled, knowing how needy you have become....

I slowly glide the hoyer lift over to the diaper changing station and place you gently on that reinforced platform and remove the pad of the hoyer lift and move it out of the way.

Skillfully, I remove your wet and messy diaper and start to lovingly clean you up. I debate giving you a shower now, because I can smell you need it, but I decide to feed you first. I finish cleaning up your mess and put a fresh diaper on you.
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Misterx 3 years
I devoured every word smiley A story that I will never get out of my head. Thank you smiley
Verychubbyte... 4 years
What a life that would be, ready for you tree
Cntresist 5 years
Fatlilboy 5 years
I'm in NYC begging to be pig-napped and fattened and cared for by my wonderful new feeder nurse!! Can't believe you are local and completely in charge of this wonderful lifestyle!
BootyProotie 5 years
Amazing story
Garfield 5 years
I am very curious already.
Built4com4t 5 years
Tigerlily33 5 years
There is more to add. Trying to be detailed and not rush it so it makes sense
Garfield 5 years
I like your story and I badly want to be Your love...