Tigerlily dream scenario 2 hiring help

chapter 1

I really enjoy taking care of you my darling piggy. You have grown so well and continue to make me proud with every single stuffing. You are absolutely everything I have dreamed of and more. As I walk into your room in my customary robe and underwear, I see you peacefully sleeping, in your baratric king sized bed , no doubt dreaming about the 2 am stuffing that you needed me to do. 4 extra large pepperoni and sausage pizzas, 3 orders of bread sticks, and 3 two liters of coke is what it took to get you back to sleep. I was up until almost 4 am hand feeding it all to you. It is worth it to make you happy and fat. According to the scale near your bed, you are 685 pounds . That is magnificent honey!!

Middle of the night stuffings are relatively new for you. You wake up so hungry that I must feed you. I do not mind feeding you whenever you want, and I fully encourage the babyish behavior you regularly show. I do not even mind the occasional temper tantrum if I am late with your meal. I guess what i am saying is that i am tired, and i know it is time to get some help in here so you can stay comfortable baby.

I knew the day would come that i needed to hire some helpers to assist me with your care, so i contacted my lawyer recently and i had him draft a non disclosure agreement to protect you from becoming a side show attraction on social media and the talk show circuit. The agreement states that any mention of what happens in this house online or to someone not employed to work here will result in immediate termination and a $1,000,000 fine for each instance where this agreement is broken. Hopefully that will stop a new employee from posting about you on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

I contact a few of the girls i used to work with at the baratric center before I met you. I told them I am hiring for 16 hours a day of care. 7 am to 3 pm and 3 pm to 11 pm Monday through Sunday. They all seemed very eager when i offered to pay then $22 an hour to work with only one patient. You my lovely, skinny piglet. I set up interviews for later today between lunch and dinner.

I start creating breakfast for you my darling. I know that your appetite is increasing, so I go all out. I make you a 12 egg omelet with sausage and peppers and a pound of cheese, 5 pounds of bacon, 5 pounds of sausage, 25 pancakes, a loaf of french toast and a small fruit plate. I also gibe you 4 bottles of weight gain shake to wash it all down. I put all that food on the food cart and wheel it into the bedroom.

I come into the bedroom and your bed is a mess with doughnut crumbs and you are sprawled out wearing only a diaper, sound asleep. I walk over to you and passionately kiss you until you wake up slowly. I can tell that you are wet so I quickly change your diaper and give you the first bottle off the cart.

After you pause drinking, i start to feed you. I start with the pancakes because they are warm, rich and buttery being saturated with syrup. They disappear quickly into your hungry, gorgeous double belly.i quickly feed you the bacon, and sausage. Then i start on the French toast. I eat the fruit plate as i feed you the omelette. I can see you are getting full, so I grab a funnel and put it in your mouth. Then i begin to pour the shake into you. You are close to a food coma as the last drink. Once it finishes, i let you sleep...

Suddenly i hear a ring of a doorbell. The first interviewee is early....
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Verychubbyte... 4 years
More and more and mooooooore please don't stop
GainAddict 5 years
Wow. Loving the story so far. Especially Ch 3. smiley
Please keep up the good work.
MikeTehCakeBoy 5 years
Very sexy smiley wish someone would do this to me!