My first feedee experience *nonfiction*

Chapter 1 - brief summary of my 1st feeder experience

My first feede is my ex, my high school sweet heart, & my first love.
I would never cum during sex and he wanted to know why? At this point of my life I had not really accepted that I was a feeder so I tried to hide it. I would have fun during sex, but I would never have an orgasm.
However, he was very adamant about pleasuring me. So eventually after days of him trying to pull it out of me, I told him that I liked big guys. & That seeing guys getting bigger and feeding them (sometimes forcefully) made me wet. Immediately he said "I'll get big for u baby."
So he started off eating more. I remember our friends would always ask why I kept bringing him extra food and snacks, It was like our little secret.
I use to bring him pizza puffs to eat as a pre lunch lol! Then when we had time alone, I would hand feed him. Sometimes take out, other times I'd make a huge meal for him. I'd feed him in the movies & on the bus. Then at home I'd sit in his lap and spoon feed him ice ceeam.
Then when he was so full he couldn't take it I would rub, kiss and bite his tummy,
And suck his moobs. Of course he ended up luving it, & he blew up fast.
His favorite foods were Pancakes and Cheese cake, and i took full advantage of that.
Even though we've been broken up for years, I know he is still into feederism. I feel like I've created a monster.
He will contact me every now and then and ask me to watch him eat, and tell me that he misses how I would cater to him after he was full, and cum all over his belly.
And of course i WANT to, but we broke up for a reason & ill never be back with him.
However im not bitter, & I'm able to see past the pain he caused me. I will forever be grateful, appreciative, and amazed at his willingness to not only accept my kink, but also learn to become a part of it & give me pleasure.
If you ever read this, you know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Thank you Puppy. 💛

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Rufatyet2 9 months
This was so hot. My dream.
GrowingLoveH... 1 year
You should write some more.

Reveal how you revealed your secret.
GrowingLoveH... 1 year
Still a very intriguing story, even all these years later.

I wish you would write more.
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
I love your story very much!

I appreciate the discipline and the restraint you have.