Natalias curves

Chapter 1 - goddess in art

Bells ringing, obnoxious screaming, dead memes, and that one weird anime kid who runs up and down the hallways growling at the kids around them are what fills the hallways at every highschool nation wide. Why anyone would want to work here is beyond me. But people do. You always have the good and bad teachers. The ones who break down and take it out on the kids and the ones who are new and fresh ready to take on the world. Even more starry eyed and blinded by the light of bettering young minds are the student teachers. But I am so glad that they decided to.

I walked into school on the first day of my senior year hyped that I only had 180 more days of this bullshit before I'm off to college to make something of myself. I'm Michael Hunt and have not had the greatest time in high school. I've always been fairly popular since I'm the star forward for our hockey team as well as being an alright dude to just about everybody. I've just always thought that there was something missing. I thought that it could be my lack of a girl in my life. Now I've always had girl friends but never a real girlfriend since I've never really met a person who actually makes me feel something I've never felt before. Plus my ideal girl is different from most girls in the school. I like my girls to have a little more jiggle to them, not morbidly obese but cute and cubby. I've come to terms that the girls in my school never really will meet that dream I have of the perfect woman.

That was until I went to art class that day. Third block of the day and I couldn't have been less excited when I walked in. Now there were the usual artsy kids, the table of my friends saving a seat for me, and the art teacher Ms. Bryant doing the same wacko ass shit she always does, but in the corner of the room adjusting her stuff was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen adjusting her stuff at her desk in the back.

She was about 5 foot 4 inches and looked to be about 100-110 pounds. She was Asian with perfect skin and a perfect face. Her surprisingly blue eyes lit up the room. She had moderately sized breasts for a girl her size and a tight ass gracefully fit into a pencil skirt. I didn't know who she was but I was awestruck. Which confused me because she is nowhere near the level of what I thought my perfect woman would look like.

Ms Bryant goes to the front of the class as I sit down with my mates and starts going over the class syllabus and the different projects we'll be doing this year. At the end of her presentation she says, "and I would like to introduce you to Ms Natalia Zhang the student theacher for this year."

"Oh guys just call me Natalia," she says from the corner. After class ended I stayed back and decided to go talk to Natalia.

"So what school are you from"

"I'm going to Pitt right now and it's pretty great really, after this year of learning to teach I might actually be able to get a job working with what I love, kids and art" she said whistfully

"My brother goes to Pitt and says it's really nice. Are you a Steelers fan"

"Yeah but I don't really want to be after we traded Antonio and Lveon." She said impressing me with her personality as well as looks.

"Damn straight"
We ended up talking for so long that I ended up late for my next class. One thing was for certain I needed to have her.

The throughout the next week we have similarly long discussions about all the the similar music and movies we like instead of actually doing anything artistic.

"Yeah The strokes is really great but have you ever listened to the white stripes first album." I said reminiscing on the first time I ever heard Sugar never tasted so good.

"Yeah I love the white stripes. Jack white kills it on guitar but not in a flashy way like some other people. Do you thing Meg is a good drummer?" She asks

"Yeah she's kinda like Ringo where she only does what she needs and it makes her really good" I answer

"Oh my god you sound just like my boyfriend."

There it is. The killer. When she said she had a boyfriend something inside of me died. I was beyond jealous of what ever man got to spend their days with her.

We continued to talk but I was a bit down about it. I know that me being her boyfriend was a long shot but still it hurts.

Even though she may be taken doesn't mean I can't spend time with her and maybe develop a good friendship.

But the next day she got a text that rocked her world

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This story is sort of a slow burn and this is just exposition to get the story started
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