Thicker trainer

Chapter 1 - just married

Gwen had it all. A perfect life. A job that was perfect for her. She lived in the beautiful town of Pittsburgh. And best of all she was to marry Brandon.

Anyone that knew her knew that she was a ray of sunshine. Everyone liked her. And she was always very popular. She was funny, a good person, and humble to say the least about her amazing personality.

Gwen was a personal trainer at iron fitness. She valued her body and health in high regard. She counted every calorie and worked out 5 days a week for hours each day, after all it was her job. This is where she met the love of her life Brandon 3 years ago. He was and is funny, sweet and supportive plus he treated her better than any man had ever in her life.

Brandon worked at Heinz as an executive. Basically he had multiple people under him that he manages while at the same time he takes care of upper class things. He always jokes that after 8 years of working there he had never seen a drop of ketchup.

Gwen and Brandon were the same age of 29 and had so much in common. They both love comic books, film, hockey, and rock music. To Gwen she had it all.

Gwen was 5'9" and weighed 117 pounds. She had dark auburn hair and a slender model like body. She had nice b cup breasts and an all around toned body. No matter how good she looked she was never stuck about it either and was super nice to anyone and everyone she met. Brandon was 6'4" 210 pounds and was almost pure muscle. His blonde hair complemented his bright blue eyes and strikingly handsome face perfectly. They were perfect looking in every way.

It was no surprise that they would get married. They were the cutest couple out of all there friends and just loved each other like there was no one else in the world. So he proposed and six months later they were married.

The wedding was perfect. Gwen's best friend Liz was the maid of honor and arranged all of it and it took no genius to see that it was beautiful.

Gwen felt so beautiful in her white dress as she walked down the aisle. The dress perfectly sculpted her six pack and tight toned body like a dream. She was so excited when she got onto the alter opposite Brandon and got to the wedding.

The priest read the vows and such and they were out of there. They got into their car with the just married slogan on the back and cans hanging off.

Now here they are on the start of their new life together on their honeymoon.

"Well honey let's get to this airport" Brandon said

They had a flight to go to on a cruise for their honeymoon so they had to fly to North Carolina.

"Lets go babe" Gwen said and then kissed him on the lips.

They flew to NC and got on their cruise. It was this all inclusive festival ship that would go from North Carolina to London and back in a month. That meant a month of free everything. Needless to say they were excited.

They lugged their shit into the boat and went to their room. This room was extremely nice. It was what the company called the "deluxe f-shack" and they loved every square inch of the place. From the king sized bed with valour sheets to the heart shaped tub this place was perfect.

They went in and for the first time had sex as mr and mrs mikelson. The sex was beautiful. Her tight and fit body seductively gyrating up and down feeling him penatrate her tight vagina over and over again until they both came. He rested his big hands on her hard waist and moved up to play with her small but ample breasts. Then they went back at it and went to sleep.

The next day they woke up and had breakfast at a buffet. She decided that since it was her honeymoon and all she didn't have to count calories. And ate slightly more than she would have at home. She got eggs and bacon and toast for the first time in 4 years and loved every bite.

Next she went to the pool. She put in her tight bikini. It was modest but did look damn fine on her. She sat in a beach chair and looked like a queen with the sun bouncing epicly off her olive skin. Any man that walked by her would have their jaw drop in awe of her beauty.

Next she decided to go and do some working out at the gym to clear her head. She loves working out for this reason. She feels this is when she thinks the clearest.

She asked an attendant "hey miss i was looking for the gym on this boat but I can't see it on the map. Can you point it out to me. "

The attendant replies "Well ma'am there actually isn't a gym on this ship sorry"

"Thanks anyway" she says.

No gym. Now what's she gonna do well she went to her room sat down had a drink and read a book. She even snacked which was a rare thing for her.

She repeated this to some degree every day. Sex with Brandon. pool time. Reading. Give or take a few meals and extra activities that she did daily she had a schedule.

By the end Brandon found something weird. They were packing up and he went in to hug her from behind and felt a softer tummy then she had when they came. It was by no means fat or paunchy but he could tell her weeks of eating irregularly and not working out had done something. She still looked skinny and very fit but her six pack was a little less pronounced now then it was when they got on the ship.

The funniest thing was she was completely oblivious to the whole thing. Which surprised Brandon since she was the biggest fitness nut around.

They packed up and went back to Pittsburgh.
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AndiFive 5 years
please continue with story !!!
Jazzman 5 years
This is wonderful. Great Writing! Only the word "your" instead of "you're " and "day" when you meant "say". Hurts the flow just a little
But this is Fabulous Writing and Amazing Character and Plot Development!
2Thick2Care 5 years
Are you going to finish the story?? Dying to read more!!
AndiFive 5 years
Jazzman 5 years
Nice introspective chapter 8.Getting a little careless with spelling ."Your" is possessive. "You're " is for "You are" .And "since Marring" gave me a chuckle.
Great Story!
2Thick2Care 5 years
This is really getting good!! I hope you update more frequently!
Jazzman 5 years
Great Chapter 6!
Jazzman 5 years
Love chapter 4!
FrecherTyp 5 years
Mhmm a very lovely smart and intriguing beginning so sexy how katie inspects the new aquired 9 pounds lol
Jazzman 5 years
A wonderful writer who has created a marvelous plot and a small manageable cast of great characters.As a great writer you don't need these tired cliches that have been used for the last 20 years.
If I didn't love the story I wouldn't say anything.Just my
Jazzman 5 years
The weight powder in food has been done countless times and I don't get it.Those are always chocolate or vanilla or whatever. So adding it to foods makes no sense.And neither does a smart woman thinking that a bra "shrunk".

You are a wonderful writer.Y
Zachi 5 years
nice start, more please
Bicuriousity 5 years
I love the slow realistic gain
Theswordsman 5 years
This is interesting