New me

Chapter 1 - new job, new date

It was the first day on the job. I woke up precisely at 6:45, groggily crawled out bed, and hopped into the shower. After this, I made myself a modest breakfast and took the train a few stops down to my new job at Dunkin Donuts. "You ready to start a new career?" Asked Kate, the manager. "Yes Ma'am." "Good, I'm going to have you work behind the counter making drinks and running the cash register." "Sounds good!" I replied. The day was pretty uneventful up until about 11:30. The lunch rush was just starting, and a handsome business 20-something walked in. He was cute, thin, with a little bit of chub. His shirt was starting to get tight. The stress of working in the office was getting to him. "I-Is there... I mean w-what can I get you today?" I stammered. Yes, may I please get a medium latte and a glazed donut? Actually, make that two." He asked. We made eye contact, and he smirked at me. I pretended I didn't see, grabbed him his donuts, and made him his drink. "Thank you." He said, in such a sweet, gentle voice. He was the highlight of my day. The rest of my day was uneventful, but as I was heading out Kate said something to me. "Great job today!" she said. "Oh, Thanks!" I replied. "I can tell you'll be a valuable member of our team." I smiled at her and went to the train station and went home. As I was lying down in bed, he wouldn't leave my head. I jerked off for an hour that night with his image in my head. Many forget how nice it feels to sleep well, and that night, I was definitely one of those people. The next day, I followed the same routine and went to work. I was devising a way to get his name if he showed up again. The lunch rush started, reached peak, and died off. Never have I felt so much disappointment. I was really hoping to see him again. But, just as I was about to close down the store that night, he walked in. He walked up, sighed, and asked for three donuts. All glazed. "Your n-name?" I asked, nervously. He replied, "Orion." I wasn't expecting him to answer since he was the only customer in the store at that hour. "C-cool name." I exclaimed. "Thanks!" He replied. "Do you come in here often?" Orion returned with "Yeah, I do. I just got a new job a few months ago at the office down the street, and this is convenient." "Oh, nice. You like glazed donuts, don't you?" "Yeah, I do." He sounded ashamed. "Why do you sound ashamed? Donuts may not keep you in shape but they sure keep you happy!" I was proud of my response. I opened the door for him to start a conversation about how right I was. "Yeah, your right." I was trying to figure out a way to get closer to him outside of work. "You know, even just the two days I've been working here, I realize you love donuts and spend a lot of money on them. Why don't we become friends so you can use my employee discount." I then realized how weird that must have sounded. "Yeah, we should actually do that i need to spending less money on food anyway. What's your number?" I gave it to him and he gave me his. I went home very happy that night. Riding the euphoria of getting a dude's number, I texted him. "Hey, if you ever need a discount, just let me know." "Thanks." He replied. "You know, I really think your cute." This caught me severely off guard. Feeling spontaneous, I responded. "Oh, thanks. I can say the same for you." He took a little bit to respond, but he responded with, "What's your favorite type of food?" I took a minute to think of it, but me being me, I responded with Classic American. He was quick to reply with "Good. Because I've been wanting to try this new American buffet that's close by. When are you available to go out to dinner?" I was so happy. I was going on my first date. "This coming tuesday is good. But I'm also free anytime that week. It's not like I have anybody to go home to." He replied with a laughing emoji and said "Tuesday at 7 sounds good."
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